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Stolen protests

Ivan Sokić Photo: Magazine of Demokracija

These days it’s impossible not to speak of protests. Protests here, protests there, protests are everywhere. Some people protest, others riot. We’ll focus on the latter. When protests started last year in Hong Kong against the law that would allow extradition of the criminals back to the mainland, citizens of Hong Kong went mad. We could see appalled citizens who protested and appealed to their special status of a state within the state. “Autonomy!” we could hear the calls. “One state, two systems!” they chanted, as if their desperate calls would prevent China from turning Hong Kong back into an actual part of China and not just its appendix. And then the protests were stolen from Hong Kong. Overnight boards about democracy and freedom of speech sprung up, and the need for breaking, destroying and persecuting everything and anyone who was suspected of being loyal first to China instead of Hong Kong.

I’m not writing this because I like the Chinese Communist Party. It’s just an observation. The fact is, China wants to consolidate Hong Kong. The fact is also, that the Chinese from the mainland and the Chinese from Hong Kong have through the course of the hundred years of separation in actuality become two different nations. A similar case is Germany, where one nation was split for only 45 years. If once upon a time they were all Germans, the difference between Ostdeutsche and Westdeutsche even 30 years later is still insurmountable. Yet the selfdeluded will insist that diversity is strength. Trully, more diversity and variety there is, the more guns the police will need.

The fate of Hong Kong is tragic, yet expected. Once upon a time a pearl of the East, the shining beacon, the Little Asian Tiger will end up systematically impoverished, isolated and overwhelmed until it will once again be the poor little fishing village it used to be. Hong Kong will serve as an example for the rest of China to learn what happens to the rebellious.

And yet that is not the only story of stolen protests. That’s the sort they’re having in USA these days. The death of George Floyd was merely a convenient excuse. And again on the account of a criminal. The organisation of the protests itself shows that something of that scale would be impossible to achieve if they were spontaneous. The situation is complicated. Across the cities conveniently placed piles of bricks continue to emerge, and the blacks happily throw them at the police. There is destruction, fires, killings, violence, rape, all in the name of fight against racism. Where the rioters don’t do enough damage, Antifa offers a hand. Thanks to the Internet we can find videos of people who are preparing the piles of bricks in specific spots, videos of organized groups who tear up the barricades from the store windows in New York City, so that blacks can get in and steal whatever they can get their hands on. Yet the most shocking videos are those where the whites are expected to fall on their knees in front of a black man and beg forgiveness for some imagined injustices he suffered in the past 400 years.

Whites on the videos fall to their knees without a second thought. The programming works. Years and years of indoctrination through pop culture, media bombardment and the school system got into whites’s heads that they’re inherently racist because they’re white. Everyone else can be proud of being black, yellow, green or red, that’s even desired. To be proud to be white on the other hand is in this brave nut world a mortal sin.

The Fascists of today will call themselves Anti-Fascists, goes the saying oftenly ascribed to Winston Churchill. With ever more public operations of Antifa, this certainly holds true. For Antifa the Neonazis are not the “only” Fascists. If you believe that western tradition is worthy of respect and protection, or are in favour of freedom to have different opinions and rule of law, you are Fascist.

“East, West, everyone defends their own, but I’m not allowed to, that which mine is since ever, my only world. And for that alone, for them I’m a Fascist …” goes the song by Croatian singer Marko Perković Thompson. “Love for homeland they pronounced Fascism, this is how their transparent demagogy defends Communism.”

Fascist is a word that has become devoid of meaning, the left uses it as a term for heretic. Everything that does not align with their murderous ideology is fascism. Everything they do themselves when they burn, destroy, pillage, kill, vandalise, attack and call for a massacre of more than two hundred thousand people in Slovenia is good and just. It’s time to prepare for the storm.

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