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Steps are needed to modernise RTVS

By: Metod Berlec

Last week, despite numerous orchestrated pressures, the Programme Council of RTV Slovenia approved the programme-production plan (PPN) for 2022 with a solid majority.

Due to political activism, bias and unprofessionalism, the TV Slovenia news programme is in a serious crisis, which is why ratings of most shows have been dropping for years. In view of this, the new management of the national media house, which is compulsorily paid by all taxpayers, has decided to make changes. In doing so, they were inspired by the broadcasts of the most successful public televisions in Europe, such as the BBC, ZDF and ORF, which gives hope that RTVS will take a step forward next year.

Before that, it was absurd to listen to the representatives of the employees in the news programme, who as “luddites” or sociologists vehemently oppose any changes during the self-government, at a time when the media environment is changing incredibly fast with modern technologies and digitalisation. It is therefore necessary to adapt to this on a daily basis, as the main evening news programmes TVS, Dnevnik and Odmevi, have lost half of their viewers in less than two decades. Moreover, the RTVS news programme earned an additional drop in its reputation with incredibly transparent political activist attempts to overthrow the current government.

The previous management of the news programme indulged in the activist abuse of Television Slovenia for political purposes, at a time of the worst epidemic, as if national television were the perfect outpost of the destructive opposition coalition KUL. Nothing has been (and is not) better on Radio Slovenia, where they have been trying to indoctrinate us every day in their newscasts with their politically biased reporting, which at times reminds us of Radio Yerevan. Therefore, RTV Slovenia needs to be modernised and normalised, not to mention the need for greater pluralism and professionalism!

Metod Berlec is the deputy editor-in-chief of Demokracija magazine.


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