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Socialists are going to run out of money, the right just needs to consolidate, sit back with a bag of popcorn, and enjoy the show

By: Mitja Iršič

The triple referendum is over, Slovenians have decided that they urgently want Alenka Bratušek in their own department and Minister Mesec in the Ministry for Forced Egalitarianism. They also decided that they want RTV as it was during the time of the infamous communist Janez Kocijančič. In the end, they decided that it was appropriate and fair if their parents, grandparents or even themselves in our welfare state waited a little longer for long-term care, because now the priorities are different when we have to take care of a whole bunch of young gentlemen who are camping in the cold in Velika Kladuša. The will of the Slovenian nation must be respected, as well as the will of the Russians to want war – that is democracy. As with both rounds of the presidential election, we can draw many conclusions and also some lessons from the campaign and the results.

  1. Since 1945, the ratio of 60 to 40 in favour of the left has been concreted by physical interventions, it is universal – it does not matter whether people vote for a civil and calm centre-right candidate against an aggressive, arrogant representative of the red bourgeoisie, or whether they want a government with the most ministries in EU and grandparents who will pay for long-term care out of their own pockets. Content has become completely irrelevant – all that matters is political affiliation in the same way that the people of California have completely given up on their Democratic representatives as the state has turned into one big crime infested ghetto, yet they would not even think of ever voting Republican or at least independent candidates.
  2. This incredible polarisation, which the left has slowly cultivated since the 2018 election, has caused a real paralysis of the electorate. According to the Russian model, people have been made to vote against their interests if it means that they support the “Party” line. It is pure irrational tribalism. In irrational tribalism, however, emotions speak instead of cognitive and coherent thought processes. Just as the platitude about “drinking” water worked, so did the one about Radovedni Taček show (Curious Paw). Evil right-wingers will ban Radovedni Taček show! We loved watching it so much when we were young!
  3. It would be very easy to conclude that the right must then operate in the same aggressively lying manner. But this is by no means the way forward. When someone starts sharing such platitudes from the right, the majority media will bombard him with various facts and checks. One cannot get out of such a situation by fighting fire with fire. The left can lie, forge, and disguise itself, but no one will point it out (except on the Internet, especially social networks, which do not yet have enough power in this part of Europe). You will have to accept the fact that the cube is weighted and play according to the rules of the weighted cube.
  4. So what is the real way forward? The Chinese general Sun Tzu said in the book The Art of War: “When your enemy makes mistakes, he does not mind.” The problem of the right is that it draws a lot of attention to the mishaps of Golob’s government and wants to prevent them. However, with this, the alarm goes off in the head of the average Khmerized Slovene, which tells him: “Everything the right does is wrong, that is, what the government has done, and the right criticises, according to all the rules of the national liberation struggle, is in reality right.” Because of this, we reached a bizarre moment when declared leftists began to advocate for lower wages, fewer pension rights, and worse working conditions.
  5. So the right does not need to save the world. The government should be given space to make mistakes. And that it is unconditionally responsible for them, without being able to blame them to the right (remember, a large part of the academic-journalistic-political left elite still sees all our problems in the period 2004-2008). A government of financially illiterate socialists, cronies, and bureaucratic materialistic fighters is the perfect recipe for the purification of the country. The year 2023 will be one of the most turbulent years in the country’s history. People will live worse. They will feel the lowering of standards in their wallets – and the numbers will be relentless. Some things have already started to fall into place – Slovenia is the least economically successful country in the EU after Latvia, unlike the previous mandate, where it was almost constantly at the top. The enemy is already making mistakes. Let him have them.
  6. Naturally, this creates a moral dilemma. Do we not care about the Slovenian nation? Are we going to leave our race to the extreme socialists to completely destroy it in one mandate and turn it into Putin’s oligarchic Russia, where the middle class is gone, and Golob’s loyal elite drive around in Mercedes? Unfortunately, there are no more simple solutions. When rescuing a drowning man, it may sometimes be necessary to hit him on his head to stop him from resisting, and then bring him safely to shore. In this case, Golob’s government will hit him, and the task of the right is to bring him to the shore after he is calm and provide him with first aid. If we try to rescue a non-swimmer while he is flailing his arms around in a panicked fight for his life, both the non-swimmer and the rescuer can drown.
  7. In the 1990s, Janez Drnovšek realised that his support grew when people did not talk about him. This is counterintuitive, but from a sociological point of view it is easily understandable. Politics is naturally repulsive. Yesterday it looked as if the whole of Slovenia came to support the socio-political workers of RTV Slovenia. In reality, only about 25 percent of almost 1.7 million eligible voters were there. By far the biggest “party” in the country are those who think “that politics is a whore” and do not go to vote at all. The apathy of the electorate is also an opportunity: those who do not vote think that there is a consensus between them and the socialist authorities, like between Putin and the Russians – the authorities leave them alone, and they are not interested in the authorities. But such a consensus can only be formed in a time of fat cows, low interest rates, and flooding the system with public money.
  8. The period 2023-2025 will inevitably be a period of belt-tightening and severe commodity-energy upheavals. The unwritten “contract” between socialists and those who think politics is a whore will be quickly broken when the socialists run out of money (they always do). What will happen? There will be a tax on real estate, a tax on thousand and one emissions, and the infamous and fear-inducing wealth tax. They will be forced into it if they want to establish their utopian model of the welfare state. And when they are going to do it, the right must allow them to do it. At the same time, to point out that there is an alternative – vote for the right, which offers a different policy. Vote right and you will not have to sell your weekend house and register your new Mercedes GLE in Germany like the future president.
  9. When the contract between the socialists and the passive part of the electorate is torn, they will have the option to emigrate or to vote for an alternative. The alternative is the right. The right has practically nothing to do about it. Just point out the mistakes, predict the consequences (which are predictable) and say what you would do differently. When the debt collectors will come to the average Slovenian to collect his hard-earned property, neither Edi Pucer nor Igor E. Bergant will be able to convince him that you live in India Coromandia. They are only able to do this because of the period of fat cows, which are also the result of past right-wing policies. People are not really well aware of what awaits them. When the bad times came, however, even the anointed left-wing idols fell – from Golobič, Pahor, Kresal to Cerar (I do not count Šarec in this group, because with his comic incoherence he was a little below the level of the previously mentioned).
  10. The right must therefore stand aside and be the moral and financial police. Border residents who are bothered by illegal migration, entrepreneurs who are bothered by high taxes on legal entities, workers who will earn less next year because Golob’s government will steal part of their salary… to all those it needs to be said – there is an alternative. No excesses, no platitudes like the March 8th Institute, because the right-wing media will not allow them, and above all – it must be connected.
  11. At this point, I strongly appeal to Nova Slovenija party (NSi) not to look for all the problems of the Slovenian centre-right in the fact that it is led by Janez Janša. Regardless of who leads the right, he will be declared a fascist by the majority left-wing media and “research institutes” – we saw this nicely with Logar and the fascist excess in front of the National Assembly with that “Juden raus” type of puppet exhibitionism. Pučnik, Bajuk, Peterle, Janša… were fascists, and whoever comes after them will also be a fascist. Only because it is part of the wrong political pole and ideology, which is more often than not undesirable in our country, even though they would prefer to criminalise it. Nova Slovenija has every chance of becoming a leader on the right – it has more media support than SDS, and in its ranks are some politicians who are tolerated more by the left-wing siloviks (people of force) than SDS politicians. But speak of the devil – even so, they do not manage to break through that 10 percent. This is not the fault of Janez Janša or the SDS. They are the masters of their own destiny – they need compelling, propulsive politicians who make a difference to break through. But they do not have them, and they do not make it. There is no sabotage by the largest party on the right – if anything, it often selflessly helps them on the ground, because it realises how important it is to unite the marginalised right. 10 percent is the range of Christian democracy in Slovenia. The sad truth is that many Catholics in Slovenia are more on the line of Janez Stanovnik – the so-called Christian Socialists who have no qualms about associating with Communists. Unfortunately, it seems that NSi party has fallen prey to the phantasms of the MSM’s rhetoric that everything will be fine when Janša leaves. No, it is not going to be all right. His successor will be as demonised as he was. Just look at how, say, Elon Musk is being treated these days. Tadeja Lampret, a foreign correspondent at Pop TV, portrays him almost as a criminal who will turn Twitter into a factory of hatred and help the “fascist” Trump take over the USA again. The left has enough media power to destroy almost anyone in the eyes of Slovenians. Despite demonisation, Janša is guaranteed at least 25 percent. What is missing is a third party on the right, which will be complementary to SDS and NSi. NSi thinks that the beheading of SDS would mean 35 percent for them and 10 percent for SDS. In reality, it would mean 10 percent for them and 10 for SDS and permanent marginalisation. We do not need an overhaul of the right – we need an upgrade. However, upgrading does not mean that the foundations themselves must be demolished.
  12. Conclusion: SDS and NSi must work together and point out mistakes. At the same time, another party must emerge on the right with charismatic leaders who encroach on the middle. Not instead of SDS or NSi, but as a complementary party to the current right. No further steps are necessary except that the whole option does not bother the enemy when they make mistakes. Unfortunately, one casualty of such a policy is the general prosperity of the country and its citizens, which will decline. But it is a sacrifice that must be made. One step back so we can then take two forwards. Slovenia already had two options for complete cleaning. In 2013, if the Trio came and used the nuclear option to destroy the kleptocratic-Nazi connections within the economic machine of the old boys, who feed all this left. In 2020, before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In 2013, Gregor Virant made an incredible and completely irrational move. In 2020, however, the right-wing took power out of altruistic motives, even though it knew that this would unequivocally harm it politically. It wanted to save the drowning man, who almost drowned it with a death wave. In the next three years, another clean-up opportunity is imminent. This time, however, the right-wing must not succumb to the saviour’s impulses until the “drownee” has completely calmed down and surrendered to the water. Then it pulls it ashore and begins resuscitation. This is the only way to survive – not of the right, but of the drowned (read: of the Slovenian nation). If the right jumps in prematurely again, both the nation and the right will drown.

In other words: the socialists will inevitably run out of money, and the voters will run out of patience. At this point, the right needs to consolidate, grab a bag of popcorn and watch the show unfold before its eyes (along with pointing out the mistakes, of course). When the time is right and, above all, when the electorate is sufficiently prepared, let’s go back to the basics: a lean country, low taxes, rational spending, more personal freedom…


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