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Slovenia is on the right track

Mag. Branko Grims (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Branko Grims

Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn told the truth: “The biggest lie and deception in human history is the claim that socialism is the invention of the poor working masses to control financial speculators and bankers. In fact, socialism is the invention of financial speculators and bankers to control the poor and ignorant working masses!”

Lower taxes for higher wages

All economically successful countries in the world are aware of the rule that lowering taxes without further burdening entrepreneurs – employers – raises the salaries of employees. Thus, without deteriorating the competitiveness of entrepreneurs in the global market, the state provides greater prosperity to all employees. Higher wages for a better life for workers and their families. With the government’s proposal for an amendment to the Personal Income Tax Act, Slovenia is finally on the only right path in the long run.

The amendment to the Personal Income Tax Act brings an increase in the general tax relief for all employees. This would gradually rise from the current 3,500 to 7,500 euros. The state would therefore get a little less from taxes, but there would be more left for employees. A higher salary in their wallet and thus a better life for their families is the most important thing that interest workers!

Leftists against higher wages of the workers…

Nothing confirms the thoughts of Nobel laureate Solzhenitsyn better than the furious opposition of leftists in the National Assembly in the adoption of an amendment to the Personal Income Tax Act, which would bring employees (– workers! –) a higher net salary. This is really socialism in practice: leftists are preventing workers from being paid higher wages! Yeah, you read that right. If the stupidity and envy of leftists were burning, Slovenia could warm the whole world…

In the National Assembly, we had to suspend the adoption of an amendment to the Personal Income Tax Act, which would significantly increase the salaries of employees this year, because leftists have filed an initiative to call a consultative referendum on this law. Socialist “logic”: since those with lower wages would benefit less from lower taxes than those with higher wages, it is “better” for all workers to be left without higher net wages.

Of course, because with leftists who are full of advocacy for “employee rights” or workers, in fact was never really about that at all, but only about power. Because they know better what employees want – than employees themselves. They are making fun of employees, saying how many “nursing homes could be built” from money that will fill the pockets of employees under the new law… but in recent years left-wing governments have not built a single one. They did spend, however, hundreds of millions of euros for “non-governments” based on the ideology of cultural Marxism, which are destroying Slovenia. And that is all they want to keep: your earned money – for themselves!

The left-wing emperor has been naked for a long time, it is just a matter of people overlooking that the situation is completely in line with the principles of Moša Pijada, who clearly said decades ago that leftists do not want rich workers and farmers, no wealthy people at all, who would live from their work, but only the impoverished poor who will be completely socially dependent on the state – because only these will be a permanent electoral base of leftists… Then it is logical that higher wages of employees will not be allowed.

Slovenia is on the right track

In the coming days (after the deadline), the coalition will submit a request for an extraordinary session in order to break the blockade of the left political side and enable higher salaries for employees as soon as possible. If a referendum is to be called, it would be reasonable for it to be held at the same time as the elections. In any case, the elections will be about development. The fact that the SDS-led coalition wants to enable a better life for all employees and their families by raising net wages, while leftists oppose this by all means, is the best proof that Slovenia is on the right track with the current government and coalition!

In order for Slovenia to stay on the right path, it will be necessary to go to the polls together with family, friends and acquaintances and vote for the SDS (coalition)! Until then, enjoy the beauties of winter: winter is the most beautiful time of the year, because only in winter can you see a left-winger with his hands in his own pocket…

Branko Grims is a long-time member of the SDS party in the National Assembly, a geologist and political scientist.

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