Six key days or China has to pay

Jože Biščak (Photo: Demokracija magazine)

The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has killed nearly 1.3 million people worldwide, and from the disease it causes (COVID-19) more than 44 million has suffered. Nobody knows where the numbers will stop. The virus is known to be very aggressive and insidious, not just a (milder) form of the flu. What consequences it will leave on those who have overcome it is also a guess. There are many unknowns, some predictions are scary and not very promising. But the indisputable fact is, which is often forgotten today that the coronavirus comes from the Wuhan region of China, where thousands of people died in January this year.

When, how and why the pandemic began, we may never know. The patient zero, who is crucial for understanding how disease spreads, has not yet been found. There are several theories, but they are all on shaky ground. The predominant one says that the virus came from bats. Significantly, it was in a laboratory in Wuhan that experiments were conducted on this nocturnal animal, which is a culinary delicacy in China. Scientists believe the bat did not transmit the virus directly to humans, but must have had an intermediary, an intermediate host. Some believe that it is a protected pangolin that is prized for its meat and is traded under the table in the markets. Yet another theory says the virus was passed on to humans after one of the lab workers, who thought he was underpaid, stole experimental animals (monkeys) and resold them infected to traders at a market in Wuhan. But something is almost certain. It all started in the capital of Hubei Province, where most of the virus’s genetic material was found.

At this point, we come to a key problem; the unresponsiveness of the Chinese authorities or their Communist Party, which laid the foundations of the pandemic. The most prominent members of the party already knew on January 14th (according to documents obtained by the AP news agency) that a health crisis of global proportions was looming. In hospitals, not just in Wuhan, hundreds of people have been diagnosed with an unknown disease, and on January 13th, the first case was reported in Thailand. But they remained silent until January 20th. Six (6) days! In these 144 hours, which today prove to be fatal, mass feasts were allowed to take place at the center of the eruption, and millions began to travel around the world due to the lunar celebration of the New Year. Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke about the danger of the virus only on the seventh day. All this time, China has had the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), which thus bears part of the blame for everything that has followed in the coming months and will continue to follow. And it is perverse that the Asian superpower today sells to the world drugs and medical devices to combat COVID-19, they are earning well and will record 5% economic growth at the end of the year (unlike the rest of the world).

It is quite clear that in the critical and early days of the outbreak, the Chinese Communist Party concealed (or silenced) key information about the pandemic from the rest of the world. Today, they deny responsibility, but very unconvincingly, as all the facts show that this health crisis could have been largely avoided if China had been fair and transparent. Which, of course, is illusory to expect from communists who have a lie in their genetic record. Rather, they first hunted, imprisoned, and silenced scientists warning the world of the disaster through various channels, only then did they close Wuhan Airport, from where planes fly around the world, including London, Rome, and Paris. The virus had the door to the world wide opened. Despite all the evidence, China tried the classic communist agitprop – that the virus was brought to Wuhan by the US military. Which, of course, was quickly dismissed.

Thanks to China, Europe is today the center of a pandemic. That is indisputable. Europe, inlcuding Slovenia, will suffer the greatest damage. It is therefore incomprehensible that left-wing activists, with the help of the mainstream media and left-wing opposition political parties, accuse the center-right government (especially Prime Minister Janez Janša) of not only not controlling the situation but are also blaming the current government for COVID-19. They are protesting, demanding the resignation of the government, boycotting urgent measures to curb the spread of the infection and instigating people. This is perverted to the end – instead of organizing a rally in front of the Chinese embassy and demanding compensation from the Chinese. And the Slovenian media (from RTV Slovenia and POP TV to Dnevnik, Delo and Večer) prefer to attack and interrogate the government (and report everything negatively) than to delve into the crisis and investigate its beginning, the source of this evil. But, you know, the ideological and blood heirs of communism, which is responsible for the deaths of 100 million people in the 20th century, will always stick together. Communists are the same all over the world, they are united by the culture of death.

Even Mao Zedong, who is still worshiped as a deity by the current Communist Party, wanted half of humanity to become extinct a little over 60 years ago, which would have paved a path to at the time socialist revolutions around the world. First, Western economies need to be devastated, then leftists can seize power by force. Attempts to overthrow the democratically elected authorities by street protests are already happening across Europe. They are usually hidden behind typical agendas of political correctness. Obviously, Slovenian glorifiers of communism and socialism are also counting on chaos, which is why they are sabotaging the government’s urgent measures.

But remember one thing. The health crisis was triggered by China. It is its fault. The virus came from China. Just remember how Europe helped it. Slovenia as well. We shipped tons of medical equipment to Asia. And what happened? We can read unofficial information online that this equipment had been retained by the Chinese communist authorities and later sold back to Western countries. Outrageous!

The Chinese communists are without a doubt to blame for the painful health circumstances in Slovenia and around the world. This is the third pandemic that originated in China. And the worst one so far. That is why China needs to be hit where it hurts the most. It needs to be issued a well-written invoice, it needs to be forced to kneel to remember that one does not play with people’s health and human lives. If it does not take responsibility and pay, it will be necessary to resort to more radical means – to confiscate the property of their billionaires and the most prominent members of the party in Western countries – they own a lot of property in the West, the numbers go into the hundreds of billions of euros. It is also necessary to strike at their honor and pride. Slovenia could organize days of Tibetans or Uighurs, officially invite the most prominent Chinese dissidents to visit Slovenia, name a street after them or dedicate monuments to them.

The Chinese virus is not a natural disaster, it is not the result of alleged global warming, it did not fall from space or was brought to Europe by a cloud. The new corona virus has its origins, has a name and a surname, it is known who is to blame for it – China. Especially its communist leadership. The concealment of the data, the half-truths and lies of Beijing, and above all the incredible negligence in handling the virus, have brought hell to the world.

China must pay!


Joze Biščak is editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists