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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Joze Biscak: Resurrection

The nervousness, shown by the left-wing mainstream media in recent days, when they attacks with difficult artillery the centre-right government, is understandable. The measures taken by the Jansa team, to curb the spread of the very insidious COVID-19 virus as quickly as possible and to help not only the economy but also the individuals, not only elicited a favourable response from the people, but also (inadvertently) drew into the heart of leftist, an agenda we recognize as cultural Marxism.

This is based on the disintegration of traditional values and its ideas were disseminated with the help of NGOs, mostly founded and long funded (or are still funded) by George Soros. Now the delusions of dreaming, of transforming Slovenia back into a swampy socialist community, are shattering, their space is also shrinking because of a virus, when social distance is set. What struck those most was that LGBT activists and retarded social scientists could no longer wash their brains out to students, nor could some of the leadership of the schools, that sat down with their dark ideology incline the perverted events of multiculturalists.

Thus, at least for a few months, raising a generation came back into the right hands – the hands of parents. In any case, the long days in isolation welcome to the heirs of corrupt decadent ideas again paves back to normality. It is now up to the parents to take responsibility for the generations to come and build a mental wall around the child’s head, so that no corrupt leftist ideas will ever even approach the brains of our descendants. It should be explained to them, that there are only two genders – male and female; that only the different genders have the historical burden of preserving the nation; that no hordes of foreigners from Africa and the Mohammedan world can replace noble Slovenian women and brave Slovenian men. This is especially necessary now, when Slovenia is experiencing a demographic decline and the continued propaganda of denial of its own past, combined with a culture of death, would be a sure path to collapse. And in these days, thank God, we are already witnessing (which is especially noticeable on social networks) Slovenia’s slight turn back to family, religion, patriotism, almost forgotten principles, above all it is to perceive a renewed pursuit of the values, that make Slovenes in these places existed as a nation.

The coronamadness of fake news and mainstream tweaks has, therefore, led the leftist hatred to the extreme. Because of the realization that the web of intrigue is conspiring against the Slovenian, they are not choosing even the most lax means in their satanic struggle for false justice. With this they announce that no price is too high, only to end the government of Janez Jansa. They do not care if the Slovenian economy collapses, retirees lose their pensions, tens of thousands lose their jobs, people die and hundreds of foreigners invade our territory. The disdain of these lunatics is so great, that they are ready to destroy everything at any moment, only to be able to continue their experiment, which also gives them privileges.

Obviously, they still cannot agree that after Sarac’s resignation, the Prime Minister became Janez Jansa and that he and the coalitions are fighting against the COVID-19 virus very well. The worst part for them is that at the time, when most people moved to the Internet, where Jansa addresses the Slovenian nation even more directly, the people trust him more and more, day by day. They fear that Slovenia will wake up very differently after this crisis. Not as a dictatorship that they afflicts the populace, but as a country of free people, who have shown themselves in real isolation with genuine solidarity and re-enact humble prayer to God. This will be a resurrection, when the progressive “rebellion” disappears and Slovenia will be on its way to a new future, where there is nothing that cannot be achieved by hard hands.


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