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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Pig farm scandal

By: Dr Janez Juhant

In European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s speech on climate change, we missed measures to reduce its consequences. Even less was said about acute matters of citizens’ rights violations and even bias on the part of the European Commission regarding the role and operation of the media, for example, in Poland and Hungary on one hand or in Slovenia on the other, as we have experienced unprofessional treatment and bias. We expected the European Commission to support not only certain groups and organisations but also to encourage innovation and determination in asserting the economic and political influence of the EU in the world. Migrants are not just a problem of their countries of origin, as Prime Minister Golob claims, but also of European politicians since they are entering illegally, and it is difficult for us to integrate them. Even more pressing issues are their planned intrusion with the help of criminal human trafficking networks and political-ideological support both outside and within the EU. These issues will need to be addressed in the upcoming elections and strengthen trust in the EU.

Domestic politics are behaving unprofessionally. Despite the optimistic predictions of the ruling party to assist those affected, the relief efforts, according to mayors and experts, are progressing (too) slowly. The distress of the people is growing, and problems are accumulating. The initial measures were largely successful, thanks in large part to foreign aid. However, in the affected areas, they miss an active and swift response from the ruling government. The media are increasingly focused on promoting the ruling party rather than portraying the hardships faced by the people. In short, lots of promotion, little actual effects. In the economy, they are waiting for urgent help, but the ruling party is introducing new taxes, promoting charitable activities, and implementing self-contribution, without giving the affected people taxpayer money. At the same time, they are filling the pockets and creating jobs for their “non-governmental” supporters within various ministries. Will we just stand idly by and watch as the parasites of the rule of law and honest work are supported? The nationalisation of insurance companies’ rights is strengthening (Vzajemna), and capital is concentrated in the ZZS (Health Insurance Institute), where after the new year, we will have to pay a mandatory contribution for health instead of a voluntary one, with the same contribution rate for everyone. Just like the communists, their proud successors are taking away from the Church, priests, and other representatives of religious communities, creating conditions for faith and the Church to be pushed out of the public eye, and accelerating their gradual demise due to parasitic leftists. It is strange that Catholics, if faith and the Church are still vital to them, tolerate this exclusion and do not care about who will support the priests and buildings. At funerals, people who have mocked faith and the Church choose to have solemn church burials, with a priest ringing bells and singing, made possible by faithful believers. Can we not come to an agreement, respected representatives of religious organisations, and engage in a general civil disobedience?

There is also a purge taking place on RTV Slovenia, which happened under different circumstances during communism, but now we are in a democracy. The systematic and violent removal of all those critical of this government means that politics is taking over RTV SLO, as was clear and warned about in a well-intentioned manner before the referendum, but it did not convince enough Slovenians. At that time, I told a media expert from the Faculty of Social Sciences after a referendum broadcast that I was amazed at his unprofessionalism when he was advocating for a politically national television and misleading people that it would be non-political, independent, and impartial, open to different views. He told me I was insulting him. Today, the new leadership with a background of “experts” from the Faculty of Social Sciences and civil society is violently creating an overtly political national media outlet that will smooth out the ruling party’s image and sweep the real problems of the people under the rug. What kind of non-political stance, media impartiality, and objective reporting is this media house terror when we all pay for it? And where is the equality before the law in this? I have said it before: Democrats of all nations, resist!

The government abolished the Memorial Day for the Victims of Communism. The burial of the victims on Macesnova Gorica and the Roma, which is a fundamental civilisational principle demanded by representatives of civil society in the Statement and the Commission of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for the Solution of Hidden Graves Issues, constantly falls on deaf ears with those responsible. Even the Institute of Contemporary History will no longer deal with the interwar and post-war victims and will not allow access to public data on the victims of communism obtained by the institute’s associates in recent decades. The postponement of the burial of the dead will have very serious long-term consequences, as the victims in Kočevje lie in provisional containers, the mortuary in Škofja Loka is full, and the victims at the temporary location in Tezno near Maribor are becoming an increasingly lasting problem. What kind of state are we that we do not bury the dead, which is a fundamental rule of our civilisation?

It is understandable that the supporters of the “new class on the pig farm” like to dream of their socialism and lead everything into the abyss. But a revolution can devour everything, even its own children. We are walking on very thin ice, and unfortunately, we will all slide into the abyss because the struggle for survival is dangerously escalating. Even though Big Brother is watching us more and more, let us show him that we are no longer playing this game.


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