Petra Janša: Dangerous Potions from the National Institute of Chemistry

Petra Janša. (Photo: Demokracija)

If the media echoed the news of the release of dr. Milko Novič from the prison in Dob, the trial of dr. Michael Stephan was surprisingly less reported on. Why? The Lebanese chemist dr. Michael Stephan was braught from France to Slovenia by dr. Barbara Mohar who became his superior at the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana. They were involved in an intimate relationship for several years. Later, his partner became dr. Eva Jeretin, also a scientist at the Institute. The latter would also have to testify in court, but she excused her absence.

If we were to live in a developed democratic country, the media would explore the background of the story. Instead, we were given a “friendly warning”, not to write about this topic and the links of Dr. Mohar with ‘Don Juan’, claiming that we would be spreading falsehoods … But the last trial of dr. Stephan has convinced me that we were on the right track with the article titled “Finally on Track with The Real Murderer of Dr. Janko Jamnik”, published last November. All that was “brewing” at the Institute, could only be exposed by a fair external financial audit. The fact is, we are dealing with a dead person and a ‘walking-dead’ head of department at the Institute.

Two things were particularly worrying at the trial of dr. Stephan. First, the company Phosphoenix, whose partners are dr. Stephan and dr. Mohar. The latter is supposedly a “letterbox” owner since 2005, a detail  she did not remember. Phosphoenix collaborated with the National Institute of Chemistry and the Krka company. One of the employees at the Institute handed over to criminal investigators a document, which he wrote a long time ago as an insurance policy if something had happened to him. From the document, parts of which were read at the hearing, it follows that the laboratory of the Institute was to make certain compounds (!), ordered by dr. Mohar in cooperation with dr. Stephan, which were then sold to Krka, while the money was to be received by Phosphoenix.

And the other thing? The Iraqi, who was supposedly urged by dr. Stephan to murder dr. Plavac and who has now attained the status of protected witness, was found by the Lebanese chemist among the asylum seekers from the association Odnos, in Domžale.