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Parasites and misfits, along with dormant cells (now no more) of radical Islam, the legacy of naïve Europe

By: Vančo K. Tegov

In 2015, an exodus occurred, a shift, tectonic changes in the realm of long-standing population balance. It was, of course, caused by the least favourite “generator” of these shifts, changes known as war, with all that it entails.

But that was the year 2015, the world witnessed a tragedy, the breakdown of the until then unsuccessful societies based on violence and suppression of human dignity, also called countries. Also, from these unfortunate people who had already suffered all kinds of violence, wars, conflicts within their communities. And also, the historic, even epoch-making mistake of the then German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, who expected and secretly wanted her country and economy to get engineers of all kinds of highly qualified personnel.

On the other hand, it is entirely normal that culturally, religiously, and ultimately relationally, the Gulf states (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates) should be much closer to them than the old continent. At the same time, any previous biases should have transformed into attitudes based on real experiences. Moreover, they are certainly wealthy enough and spatially capable of accommodating them. From 2015 until now, refugees from Middle Eastern Arab countries have largely or predominantly been placed in the category of those who have abused hospitality and have not adapted to the host environment and territory that received them, often leading to regret. It is incomprehensible that some, even those from countries without any war (Morocco), want to come to us or to Europe and arrive, intentionally abusing the asylum system, even though large numbers of tourists from Europe and Slovenia travel to destinations like Morocco for safety reasons.

Even in the latest crisis with the Palestinians, which, incidentally, they have largely created themselves, a similar situation is unfolding. None of the neighbouring countries are willing to accept them. As one of my foreign colleagues put it, Palestinians are a “special” Arab group who predominantly do not work, wait, have 10-12 children, and complain. It is not a coincidence that no Arab country wants them to live at their expense and refuses to grant them citizenship. Consequently, they have been kept as “refugees” in tents for five generations, funded by money from the European Union. In a way, they are literally imposing a “guilty conscience” on us Europeans.

The year 2023, eight years later

We have something unlike anything else, and certainly nothing to be proud of. Instead of something we can point to and say, “We have managed to change this for the better.” On the contrary, we have a Europe full of coloured people, who fill the streets and squares all over Europe at the first dissatisfaction and disagreement regarding the arrest and imprisonment of some rioter, thrower of Molotov cocktails or rapist and exhibitor of some hormonal imbalance in the markets and cities throughout Europe. Many mayoral positions in various European cities are now occupied due to this “influx” of engineers and other “high-tech” experts who excel in finding Wi-Fi signals and social welfare benefits. No authority in the “core” of Europe has done anything to fortify Europe on its own soil. On the contrary, the influx of these often unprovoked movements, other than the desire to leave their home country for a free life in Europe and cause unrest without consequences, are either encouraged or met with indifference by the authorities themselves. The biggest folly, however, is committed by the authorities themselves. When someone decides to set up a border fence to prevent physical entry into the country, the next leader, promising (off the top of their head and pleasing) to their left-wing anarchist voters to tear it down, does a great disservice and spits in the face of the prior administration’s efforts. Instead of working to protect their own citizens and thereby safeguard the fundamental attributes of the state, such as territory, the system of governance, and the economy, they are preoccupied with protecting certain categories of animals that have no bearing on the potential safety and well-being of citizens. Neighbouring countries suddenly announce border closures or strict controls (within the Schengen Zone) like Italy, while others simply extend them, as Austria has done. Slovenian authorities waited for 40,000 illegal crossings to accumulate before taking any action. Before that, they played the role of a bus and taxi service to temporary and long-term accommodation facilities.

In the current times, actions that are condemnable have first emerged across Europe, then in our vicinity, and finally in our own country. Incidents of rape, harassment, trespassing into private properties, and the destruction of citizens’ belongings have become commonplace. When the news had to come out, they armed themselves with terms that aim to neutralise the severity of the criminal acts of these non-adapting individuals. Rape of women is referred to as “restraining” on the ground. It is a disgrace of the highest order for that part of the authorities responsible for our security.

Bullshit, liberal gentlemen and idiots!

But when someone calls on the population to arm themselves for self-defence, to protect their own lives, for which the state, as a constitutional category, should be responsible, all hell breaks loose. A few days later, the highest-ranking “chef” in the country, who appears in public as the Minister of Internal Affairs, vaguely mentions that citizens must take care of their own security. So, what now, yes, or no? Do we have to ensure our own security as citizens?

The current government has all the predispositions for mockery and condescension. However, the citizens and the country should not and must not be an experimental laboratory for immature, impotent, or overconfident little and curly “Napoleons”.

Gentlemen, you, and those like you, who are “half-hearted and cowardly”, across Europe, leave it to the more capable and rational leaders who are favourable to their own citizens to lead us out of this European “chaos” soup that no normal European can stomach and digest.

Fly away in a “pigeon-like” fashion, far away from our currently healthy everyday life. The nation will be grateful.


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