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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Omerta on violence, necessary remigration, and responsibility

By: Branko Grims

“The violence of migrants is increasing. Three nights ago, a joint border patrol of Hungary and Serbia was attacked with automatic weapons. With this, migrants have crossed the Rubicon. We will have to face the fact that the Brussels Pact on migration has failed.” – Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, on September 26th, 2023.

Shootings at the borders of Balkan countries, where migrants illegally breach, are becoming increasingly common. Reports of shootings at border patrols were also reported twice last week by Croatia, both times from the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina: first from an area south of Karlovac, and second from the wider hinterland of Split. All these countries are daily warning about more and more groups of migrants armed with military weapons moving through their territory and resorting to violence to cross the border. There are also reports of arrests of armed migrants involved in the most serious forms of violence, including rape of women, drug trafficking, and gun-related murders. This involves illegal, modern automatic military weapons that are readily available in the Balkan region.

Are you well-informed about this serious security threat? Certainly not from the mainstream media. However, the border between Slovenia and Croatia is practically unmonitored. The latest “heightened surveillance” with patrols will not protect the border itself and enable immediate rejection upon detection; instead, police vehicles will only transport illegal migrants to buses more quickly. With these buses, they are then organised to be transported towards Ljublana and beyond. Dangerous events in the Balkans are entering Slovenia without effective border control. We are becoming an increasingly dangerous migrant pocket. Omerta on violence, necessary remigration, and responsibility.

Omerta is a Mafia code on silence. On the internet, you can find an interesting sentence about its consequences: “Today, omerta is only unconditional assistance to criminals, and as such, we must condemn and prosecute it in every way because it hinders and prevents the punishment of certain crimes.”

Slovenia, as part of Central Europe, is particularly exposed due to its location at the top of the Balkan route. The situation on our southern border is alarming. People feel threatened and report that in many places, they do not dare leave the house in the night. Women and children, in particular, feel endangered. Migrants have attacked and injured a police officer. In some places, Slovenians are organising themselves in a desperate attempt at self-defence. The police, apparently under the pressure of Golob’s policy, can no longer protect citizens and are now threatening those who act in self-defence. Self-defence – for oneself and one’s family – is an inalienable human right stemming from natural law.

Golob’s government is apparently intentionally encouraging illegal migration: publicly tearing down fences as an invitation to illegal migrants; paying substantial sums to pro-government “non-governmental organisations” that go to the Balkans to encourage illegal migrants to illegally enter Slovenia and provide them with instructions on how to abuse the asylum system; as the pinnacle of ideological hatred towards Slovenia and Slovenians, there is a new proposal by Golob’s coalition to the government to “intensively provide additional funds for the accommodation of migrants…!”!

The consequences of this extremely harmful action by Golob’s government, based on the ideology of cultural Marxism “Multikulti”, are catastrophic. We must not fall for the trick of the leftists, comparing the current year with the past, as it also includes Golob’s rule. We need to compare the time of Golob’s government from June 1st, 2022, to today with the period before that. Under Golob’s government, in just over a year, more than 60,000 illegal migrants have entered Slovenia, which is more than the total number of illegal migrants who entered Slovenia during the entire previous mandate – during the time of both governments combined.

What is even worse is that now virtually all migrants are requesting asylum in Slovenia, meaning they are entered into the system for the first time. This means that sooner or later, we can get them back. The number of asylum applications has absurdly increased in just over a year of Golob’s rule, surpassing the total number of asylum applications in the past thirty years (since gaining independence and the end of the Balkan war) before Golob’s government took office! What is happening in just over a year of Golob’s government is the breakdown of the rule of law system and will have severe security and developmental consequences for Slovenia.

Migrant violence has spilled over from the Balkans to Ljubljana, and the police have acknowledged a 14% increase in crime and issued a warning about “increased security risk due to the concentration of international protection seekers in some public places…”. This is a historic official recognition by the police that the increased number (“concentration”) of migrants/asylum seekers indeed poses a security risk. So, I was right all those years when I advocated for border protection for security reasons, but I was accused of “exaggerating”, “fear-mongering”, and “lying”. The omerta will be strong among those with a guilty conscience…

Ten years ago, it was clear that the “Multikulti” ideology would lead national states and Europe to ruin, something unimaginable. That is why I have been attacked and discredited as a “right-wing extremist” all these years. Although I have never advocated violence, quite the opposite – only unwavering respect for the law. Because then, none of what happened in relation to mass illegal migrations could have happened since they would not have existed. So, if you sincerely advocate the rule of law in Slovenia, the validity of ratified international agreements, and the principles of the constitution, including strict adherence to the principle of legality, you are a “right-wing extremist”! It sounds like a very bad joke, but it is the truth.

Today, almost everyone uses my term because it is the only correct one: illegal migrants. And almost everyone is talking about the need to protect borders, even among the loudest are those who once accused me of being a “right-wing extremist” and undermined me, following the principles of leftist “Cancel Culture”, and demanded my removal. Even Tanja Fajon now claims that “the EU must protect its external borders”. There will be omerta regarding the past…

All this false “loss of memory”, actually a mafia omerta of everyone involved in the current catastrophe in Europe, is because we are now at a point where advocating only for border protection is no longer enough. Without remigration and a complete military blockade of the external borders of the European Union, Europe, its nations, and its unique European civilisation will not be saved in the long run.

Remigration means returning the entire mass of illegal migrants who are clearly abusing the asylum system and social services of European Union countries to where they came from. It requires a revision of procedures. Now we are witnessing the absurdity that in European Union countries, there are masses of asylum seekers from Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, and so on – countries for which travel agencies across Europe sell vacation packages. What is even worse is that these “poor refugees”, read asylum seekers from these countries, are going back en masse for vacations – funded by European taxpayers! They obtained asylum because they were allegedly “life-threateningly endangered” in their home countries. You will practically learn nothing about these massive frauds and abuses of the law in mainstream media… omerta.

Anyone who talks only about border protection today but does not demand unconditional remigration of migrants/asylum seekers back is merely counting on the notoriously short memory of voters and collecting cheap pre-election points. Forced redistribution of asylum seekers across European Union countries is not a solution. Because Europe is, in reality, exposed to an invasion driven by money (and only money, and interests, facilitated by the leftist fifth column), redistribution is merely aiding in the invasion. Without remigration of all migrant masses, Europe is already lost. However, there is no discussion about remigration. The reason is that any discussion of remigration immediately opens the question of responsibility. Everyone who is in any way complicit in the current catastrophe wants to avoid discussing responsibility at all costs. That is why they now only talk about “border protection”, while remigration and responsibility are met with omerta – a conspiracy of silence.

Have you seen in the mainstream media in Slovenia that the government of Robert Golob has given its consent – officially “joined the camp of states” – in Brussels for increased decision-making by majority rule, meaning overruling instead of the principle of consensus? This means that Slovenia (as a smaller country) will no longer be able to protect even the most vital Slovenian interests. Moreover, Slovenia has found itself among the disruptors. In reality, the European Union is being undermined only by those who impose decisions by overruling, with which individual countries strongly disagree. This method is being abused for political pressure or settling scores, as experienced by Poland and Hungary for protecting their children from the LGBT+ ideology. Slovenia also experienced this during Janez Janša’s government. I firmly believe that the European Union must return to its fundamental, true values, on the basis of which it was established, and to the principle of consensus. Only in this way can it endure and continue to develop in the long term. The support of Golob’s government for the expansion of overruling must be called by its real name: high treason. And sadly, it is not the only one…

Were you informed by the mainstream media in Slovenia that Golob’s government gave Brussels the green light for “mandatory relocation”, meaning mandatory quotas for illegal migrants, and for draconian fines (20,000 euros per person!) for their rejection? Omerta… The adoption of such a provision is extremely harmful to Slovenia and was done behind the back of the public, without the legal prior consent of the National Assembly; therefore, in clear violation of the constitution and legislation. This is a high treason of Slovenia’s national interests!

Where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge. And then there is no responsibility. That is why omerta is so harmful. Due to the conspiracy of silence, people do not have a true picture, and therefore they also do not have the correct solution, even if it is urgently needed and cannot come to the forefront and into decision-making. I firmly believe that Slovenia urgently needs to establish the responsibility of Golob’s government (through an interpellation, constitutional accusation, etc.) because of its harmful policy and double high treason of Slovenia’s vital interests. Slovenia and Europe urgently need to end the conspiracy of silence “omerta”, ensure full freedom of speech, unleash their development potential, strictly respect each other; and for the preservation of Europe, the European Union, and national states, including Slovenia – ensure unconditional remigration and responsibility.


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