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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Nothing unexpected in the pigeon house

By: Dr. Vinko Gorenak

Let me explain right from the start that by using the word “pigeon house” I am, of course, ironically referring to the ruling coalition. Nothing is known, today we dance in freedom, and it does not matter what anyone says or writes. In the pigeon house and at the prosecutor’s office, laws are interpreted roughly according to the principle: the left is allowed everything, the right is not. Do not believe it? Do you still think we live in a country of law where the laws apply equally to all? You are very wrong. Let me give a pretty clear proof that we do not live in a country of law and that laws do not apply equally to everyone.

A few days ago, we were able to read the news that in 2021, Klementina Prejac, the Celje prosecutor, dismissed the criminal complaint against Alojz Breznik, of the then Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs, who wrote about Aleš Hojs that he was a “dog that needs to be liquidated”. Prosecutor Klementina Prejac decided that it was not a criminal act of threat. It is a good thing that Urban Purger made a test of the same criteria of prosecutors towards all citizens. On Twitter, he published exactly the same text as Alojz Breznik, except that he changed the name of Aleš Hojs to Tanja Fajon. Prosecutor Jože Čeru assessed that in this case, it is a suspicion of the commission of a criminal act of threat. Do you still believe in the rule of law and equality before the law? I do not anymore, for a long time.

I know the problem of the so-called Erased quite well, since in 2010 I studied the documentation on this topic for several months. Regardless of the decisions of the various courts, I still believe that in most cases it was speculators, only a minority were truly harmed due to ignorance. Today, this problem has been solved, everyone who applied has been compensated. Of course, nothing new in the pigeon house. They decided to abolish the Museum of Slovenian Independence, which is a unique example in the world, every country in some way marks or shows the time when it was created, but this is not the case in the pigeon house. However, it seems that they will implement the idea according to which the so-called Erased, whom I mostly call speculators, should get their own park in Ljubljana with a monument, which should be made in the shape of the letter “Ć”. A pure shame, especially if we think about the fact that we are the only country of the former socialism that still maintains a monument to the revolution in the middle of the capital city, which actually symbolises the murders of thousands of people, or monuments to the dictator and the one responsible of the murders of the mentioned people, Tito in Slovenia.

The European Parliament recently declared Russia a state that supports terrorism. Of course, our MPs from the left political hemisphere Milan Brglez, Matjaž Nemec, Klemen Grošelj, and Irena Joveva were not in favour. Despite all that is happening in Ukraine and the suffering of the people there, these MPs still at least indirectly support the aggressor Russia. Understand who can, I cannot. The scenario was repeated last week in Ljubljana. Our National Assembly also dealt with the same issue. The opposition wanted to correct the impression of our country abroad, so it proposed that the National Assembly declare Russia a country that supports terrorism. The result was the same, the pigeon house MPs, who have the majority, were against it. Of course, we know what they think about this in Europe.

In the wider pigeon house hemisphere, the situation is quite similar, I mean the visit of the European “commissioner for values and transparency”, whatever that is, Věra Jourova. She is about a Czech woman who belongs to the circle of European socialists and liberals, where the pigeon house also belongs. The aforementioned lady is reportedly quite worried about the state of our public television. Of course, she was informed about this situation in the pigeon house. A few days ago, the lady indulged in something she should never have. She visited Slovenia and her first trip was to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia to see President Matej Accetto, who also belongs to the pigeon house circle according to his political beliefs. A serious president of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia should never even have accepted Věra Jourova in the given situation, the security guard at the entrance should have dismissed her. The reason is clear, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia has withheld the key articles of the Act on RTV, but it will only decide when it has established whether these articles are in accordance with the constitution or not. And Věra Jourová said that they did not discuss it and that it did not influence the future decision of the court. Yes, of course, and planes fly under water, and submarines fly in the air. We do not know what they talked about, but it is clear from the moon that her visit to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia is an obvious pressure on the constitutional judges not to annul the controversial articles of the Law on Broadcasting.

They still hold meetings in the pigeon house, appoint one or another strategic council, or pay those who helped them to power, but there are no results. And there will not be any.


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