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Friday, May 24, 2024

Not just another Yugonostalgic with a hint of caviar

By: Jože Biščak

Because of Miha Kordiš, the Levica party, if not the entire government coalition, should be slightly redder, than maybe how they are secretly blushing. But it is not necessary, although it would be appropriate. The fact that an exposed member of the new-age revolutionaries, who is (for now only) verbally shooting everywhere, personally has no executive power, is no excuse. My God, what a vocabulary it has been for a long time! Since he was born when the first opposition parties were being formed with birth convulsions, he never heard the party’s fashionable language live. But he learned it well. From beautiful to ugly ways of stealing the property of private individuals to gossiping about the capitalist counter-revolution brought about by the independence of Slovenia. And that he wants socialism, but there is not enough counter-counterrevolutionaries in the government. Otherwise, somehow, the clergy-national-fascist-feudal-neoliberal-capitalist group would have already seen the devil. Should we be happy about it?

If we were to say that Kordiš is the first among the equally useless on the left, we would be closing our eyes to the true nature of the problem. He is not just a scripted Yugonostalgic with a hint of caviar either. This medal is worn by Luka Mesec, Asta Vrečko, and Simon Maljevac. An avowed fan of Che Guevara does not need it, he has a bayonet with which he would “drive the capitalist counter-revolution (…) into the sea with bayonets”. He did not give up this method, his philosophy is from the times before Gramsci and Lukács, when it was believed that the socialist revolution could only be achieved through violence. The fact that the left controls all social subsystems and institutions today is an obstacle for him. The revolution must be felt on the street and on the barricades. Real men comrades throw right-wingers into pits, soft ways are for children, are they not, El Comandante?

Anyway, they always end up being (useful) idiots. Those voters who serially implode with support for left-wing self-destructive policies so they can live in confusion and imagine how super smart they are. They do not see the approaching doomsday; they say that this is just the hysteria of the Janšist. That is fine, but do not forget to lock the door. Kordiš and his comrades are approaching.


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