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“My, Sloventsy nikogda ne zabudem – (We Slovenians will never forget!”)

By: Dr Janez Juhant

With these words, a counsellor from the Soviet Embassy in Belgrade on April 5th, 1941, just before Germany’s attack on Yugoslavia, confirmed that the Soviets were thinking of Slovenia. Slovenians in the Society of Friends of the Soviet Union, including the Sokols and Christian Socialists with Edvard Kocbek, supported this patronage. Since Stalin failed in Spain, Slovenia, through revolution, became his springboard in the “war for the Sovietisation of the world”. Angela Vode opposed this, leading to her expulsion from the communist party. In the glorification of the LF (Liberation Front), it must be truthfully stated that the Anti-Imperialist Front was a tool for revolution dictated by Stalin, as the communists in the LF declared in the midst of the war that “Slovenia, like the entire Balkans, is an absolute Russian domain”. Stalin was allegedly even inciting war with Hitler to gain the opportunity to conquer Europe.

Despite respecting the Russian people, we should not delude ourselves into thinking that Putin’s leftist regime is not also spreading its networks across the Balkans, Europe, and even Slovenia. Borut Pahor confirmed the challenging conditions in the Balkans and Europe during his candidacy for mediator between Kosovo and Serbia. While Slovenia is thankfully in the EU, its leftist government provides fertile ground for disorder, fishing in troubled waters, and interference from dictators. Some leaders in the EU also seek centralisation, either due to the EU’s insufficient efficiency or to assert greater power. Besides Putin, communist China, as confirmed by its leader Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe, increasingly thinks about us and our neighbours. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill I, added his mark to Russia’s absolutist ambitions with his statement about the “holy war” being waged by Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine against the “evil West”. During the days of remembrance for the victims of communism, let us not forget Tito’s words at Congress Square in Ljubljana on May 26th, 1945, when he announced the massacre of opponents of communism; this began in Slovenia the next day. It is unfortunate that Dežman’s film about Macesnova gorica does not start with this, as it was the impetus for the communist extermination. Let our ruling leftists take to heart the plight of our victims and treat these slain individuals with the same standards, issuing death certificates and providing proper burials. When protesting at universities and spreading the leftist agenda while exacerbating the global order and peace, they should not ignore the imperialist instigators of the attacks on Israeli civilians and the consequent war while advocating for Palestinians. Slovenia is part of the EU, and recognising Palestine will be more effective from Brussels than just from Ljubljana. The aspirations for absolute power must be constantly and decisively overcome, as sociologist Bauman also states, through exercises in democracy and dialogue on both national and global levels. Unfortunately, our leftists, who are otherwise full of talk about human rights for themselves but not for others, including the slaughtered who need to be buried, are incapable of this. Therefore, we will honour the memory of the victims on May 16th at Republic Square in Ljubljana with piety, praying for reconciliation and peace as a reminder to all who ignore the suffering of tens of thousands of Slovenians.


In the 1990s, Demos made an exceptional contribution to Slovenia and realised the dream of the Slovenian people by implementing the plebiscite will for an independent state. Due to a lack of political skill, short-sightedness, and the influence of left-wing interlopers, Demos disbanded too quickly, leaving Slovenia to the mercy of leftist survival. As a result, we have now slipped into social disorder, lawlessness, and systematic plundering of the state and its taxpayers. The upcoming European elections can thus be the first step toward sobriety and decisiveness if we vote responsibly. Let them be an expression of national and democratic consciousness, determination, and prudence. Let us choose people who care about Slovenia, the EU, and a Europe of values and democratic foundations! In the complex global situation, it is important for EU politicians to successfully resist Putinist and other leftist dictatorial ambitions. It is time to finally reject the communist deceptions and patronages that seek to make us dependents and continue to mislead the naïve with their lies even after a hundred years. Naivety has tangible elements, as Janez Gradišnik wrote about Kocbek, who lived in isolation after the war but enjoyed material benefits that separated him from ordinary citizens. The non-governmental cyclists did not ride for nothing; they have become state beneficiaries who feed off budget money and mock us. In a democratic Slovenia and Europe, we all want to live better, not just materially, but also culturally and spiritually. Therefore, we must resolutely resist the dominance of leftist patrons and abuses that aim to destroy Slovenia. As Krek wrote, “We will reap in the South only what we sow ourselves”. Dear Slovenians and citizens of Slovenia, think for yourselves so that others do not have to think and decide for you. With a wise and decisive voting decision, let’s strengthen Slovenia and contribute to a transparent EU!


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