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Menstruation and the fence

By: Davorin Kopše

A fence has always been a kind of device that prevents passage. It can be stone, wooden, iron, wire… it can protect against falling, e.g., down the stairs, from the balcony, into the abyss, etc. or damages, separates land and has many other functions. Despite the long history of the existence of fences, some people in Slovenia began to persistently repeat that the fence has no function and therefore we do not need it. Behind this, of course, are the higher goals of the liberal government, which provide us with exactly what Slovenians do not want and what Slovenians reject. We do not want to be besieged daily by hordes who invade the country past the border crossings, threaten us security-wise, socially, culturally… bring us restlessness, discomfort, danger… and last but not least, divide us ourselves. Menstruation is a rather intimate matter, but nowadays it is also on the agenda. We also know aids that stop it.

Border fences stop the inhumane smuggling of people, but in Slovenia they are said to be inhumane. Both the government and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is allegedly headed by Tatjana Bobnar, but more and more of us suspect that she does not, claim that. This is Tatjana Bobnar, who in the past proved her different way of thinking when, as director general of the police, she actively participated in erecting the same fence that she is tearing down today. We can see from the example that she is a minister who is able to adapt her views to the political wind, which is nothing but hypocrisy and betrayal for her own personal benefits.

I write that the fence stops and does not stop. This is exactly what the corrupt government is turning around and exploiting for cheap propaganda and suckling up to non-governmental organisations that encourage migration in order to buy peace from them. The perverted behaviour is a debt from before the elections, where these very organisations did their best to prevent the pro-Slovenian government from repeating its mandate. The anti-Slovene government of Robert Golob cannot follow the path of the government that strengthened Sloveneness.

It is quite clear; they are not removing the fences because they are not stopping illegal migration, as they themselves claim. They are being removed in order not to stop migrants. Because global progressives are changing the world in the name of cultural Marxism and want to establish a new social order.

Nazism and Communism devised a plan to create a new man. They want a man who would be different in appearance, thinking and attitude towards the individual, the family, and the country. This diabolical plan has not been abandoned to this day. It appears in ever-new forms, and lately they are also trying to make a big change. The aim is not simply for the newcomers to create a new man, they need chaos and majority support. First the voters, and later the modern-day slaves. In the end, they will betray and kidnap even their current supporters. People will not be able to resist anything because they will have nothing left. The plan is to kill national consciousness and patriotism.

In connection with the above, it is worth emphasising that Nazism originally appropriated the right to assert new biologies, while Communism claimed new sociologies. So, they are based on false biology (healthy, blond, beautiful, and happy people) and false sociology (elimination of religiosity and class). Today, both are united in cultural Marxism, which denies natural sexes and human nature. For them, biological sex no longer exists, but they are usurping the right to determine genders.

With this delusion, today they talk about a hundred different genders that are supposed to define a person. In this area, we should pull hard on the parking brake and stop this madness. However, there is already a strong impression that this trend can no longer be stopped – similar to migration. Everything ultimately unfolds according to the key; we cannot stop it, so let’s legalise it. This kind of “advancement of civilisation” is a dirty lie that brings them huge profits and comfort.

Even worse than the very idea of cultural Marxism, but in the blindness of the masses who are indifferent and do not even know what it is about or fall prey to disastrous ideas because they have deformed the mirror. In it they see a rainbow, at the end of which the gender is different than at the beginning, where the lie hides the fog and is a trap that traps us in a decadent environment. Bad judgment and the choice of one ends up becoming a nightmare of all. Because denying or faking a history teacher is comfort.

Freedom of stupidity and delusion

A dictatorship freely dictates the manner, pace, and quality of life of its subjects. Subjects are not only those who openly disagree with it and are therefore treated as second-class. These are also those who obey the dictatorship and swim with the current of dictators for their material and status benefits. When we observe children, we realise that corruption is not in human nature. They are changed by adulthood, greed, and depraved ideology. The worst become farmhands who, on several levels, make even greater farmhands out of others in order to make themselves rulers.

The last foundation of freedom of thought, speech and action and even beliefs is menstrual poverty. They were invented by those five to ten feminists from the March 8th Institute, led by the feminine and graceful Nika Kovač. They started spreading the word that spending on feminine hygiene products was causing poverty among women. That is not true. A woman never spends more than ten euros per cycle for these needs. I find all the fuss about this rather insulting to women, who have always been able to take care of this natural, I believe, nuisance. Even in times of general socialist poverty. It would probably be best if it remained a part of their intimacy.

Of course, it is not possible to be a priori against aid if it is really in place. If the study showed that this need exists, then an additional “dispenser” of sanitary pads should be quietly introduced in the toilets, and that is that. I first became acquainted with the packets in which the used pads are wrapped when I saw them live in a hotel toilet. No fanfare. And it is right that they are. The noise about the so-called menstrual poverty driven by those who cause general poverty, is disturbing.

Their latest venture is the rejection of the opposition’s income tax law, which brought higher net wages and would have raised them for several more years. The new proposal by the liberals lowers everyone’s wages. Even to those with the lowest incomes and also to those who may not have enough for the pads for which they are declaratively advocating. The leftists first give you five euros on the big stage, but then quietly and secretly collect a hundred times as much if you give them power. So very left-wing balanced; higher taxes, lower wages, inflation, costliness, and free pads.

And finally, let’s go back a bit to the fences, which, like sanitary pads, are barriers. Fences do not stop illegal migrants 100%, but they successfully stop and channel them. Since every now and then a migrant climbs over the fence, punctures it or digs a tunnel under it, the fence is said to be ineffective, they claim. Well, sometimes a drop gets past or through the sanitary pad. Fortunately, they are not consistent in all the craziness. In this case, in addition to the abolition of fences at the border, sanitary pads and tampons, which women absolutely need even in freedom, would also be abolished by analogy. Hygiene (not only menstrual) and safety in freedom are like that.


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