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Monday, June 5, 2023

(Letters – from victory to victory) The complete emptiness of our ideas

By: Vinko Vasle

In recent days, I have been seriously wondering why we will have elections on April 24th at all. Mediana and Ninamedia know in advance what the result will be, and our Robert Golob also tells us that. He last revealed that he and the KUL are supported by two-thirds of the nation, or about three million. It would be fair, and we would not be wasting any money if we just announced the winners. Because if we do not, the results may change due to the violence of the current dictatorship, which, according to Golob, uses fascist methods.

For example, when Janez Janša asks menstrual women from Institute March 8th how they envision their propaganda electoral activity in a democracy, and then the inspector visits them. Golob said that the poor women are only calling for elections, and the question of where they got the money for field exercises and the like is, of course, fascism. Fascism is also when the police punish those who read the constitution in the Republic Square. It is true that they did not report the readings, but it is fascist that you demand it. According to one of the confrontations, fascism is also that the current government and coalition stand up for Ukraine and Ukrainians and push us into world war, as Golob said, and the essence of power is to care for the economic well-being of the nation, not to attack Putin, who is part of this prosperity in the form of gas.

Basically: we do not give Putin. There are fucking more of us than them, there are only a couple of them, and we know exactly who they are. If we want Putin, we will have Putin, of course we will have him. That is why the KUL members have long demanded that Janša go to Putin in the Kremlin, but he went to Zelenskyy in Kyiv. Zelenskyy is war, death, bombing, and Putin is gas and heating. And as Jernej Pavlič from SAB said, we go where we benefit. Meanwhile, right-wingers would still be talking about human rights and the like, which is completely irrelevant and decadent.

Internationally independent

Golob is thus strengthening his image of the Prime Minister day by day, because – as he warns – he will be the Prime Minister and will have 60 seats. He is also becoming more and more sovereign in his appearances in confrontations, he laughed at Romana Tomc’s face last time, he likes to interrupt his interlocutors if he does not like something, and even touches Minister Aleš Hojs. For example, when he comes to power, he will make media independent. He is already helping some people, like Vesna Vuković – as Bojan Požar writes with impunity – and her private company, so that she can now be independent together with Primož Cirman on the Necenzurirano portal. Right-wingers say they are independent of the truth, but nowhere in the constitution does it say that lies are not part of journalistic independence. Vuković is also internationally independent – she is supported by the Chinese from Velenje.

Fortunately, we do not lack independent journalists, especially investigative ones, such as Večer’s prima donna Vanessa Čokl, who asked in the investigation why the ministry installed a trailer hook on the vehicle, which Andrej Vizjak also uses privately. A hook, creepy. This also includes Blaž Zgaga, who updated his Twitter profile with an official photo from his candidacy for the Communists and wrote that he is an investigative journalist who is running for our MP. This is journalism of the Sophie in ‘t Velt type. I must not overlook Bojan Peček, the correspondent of the public house from Prekmurje with Hungary. Alongside him, I wonder why the public house RTV is paying Mediana dearly, because he found out about Orban during the vote count that the result will be very close. And he was better than Mediana – he missed everything.

Housing for young people is also an important part of the confrontation. We immediately need 10 thousand apartments in villa blocks for our future, they should be given jobs immediately regardless of education, because otherwise it is also a little fascist, and no taxes until the fifties. And the capitalist nits who have oversized apartments, even two of them, should be heavily taxed. At the same time, tax everything on the right, because it is known that they go to work at six in the morning and come home after eight or twelve hours, and meanwhile – there are empty apartments and even houses. Also occupy this exploitative void – the axiom of the Levica’s Luka Mesec.

And then they say that KUL and Golob have a void in all these ideas!

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist, and writer.


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