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(Letters – from victory to victory) Foreign protesters were very appalled by it – mainly in Serbian and with their national terms

By: Vinko Vasle

To the President of the country, to the constitutional judges, to the ombudsman, to our media. I am sending you a report on what happened during the recent police violence against the people, that is also against me. First of all, let me point out that I was exposed to jets of ice-cold water, so I can expect pneumonia, or at least a severe cold. I then addressed an initiative to the Constitutional Court that the water in the water cannon should be a minimum of 22 degrees and they informed me that my eligible application would be given absolute priority.

As for the attempt of the dictator to gasify us, he did not succeed, but it is true that – as the great journalist and editor Ali Žerdin writes – it is a criminal act during the period of respiratory diseases. As a result of pneumonia, I will experience prolonged coughing, burning sore throats and similar dangers to life. At the same time, I estimate that this is worse than if the covid virus really existed. Marjan Šarec also demanded an investigation into the hints that we had been vaccinated with tear gas. The well-informed Lidija Divjak Mirnik warns that the number of dead is probably higher due to the pouring of ice water, but if it is not, it will be more.

With regard to the Levica party, I must say that I am grateful to have such a revolutionary party, and I would especially like to welcome Nataša Sukić, who exposed her body and soul and appropriate sadism not only in anti-demonstrations for life and abortion, but also in the very core of the peaceful protests so that she could authentically report to us what was going on. I would never have dreamed that a dictator from Hungary would import violent police officers who – I emphasise – beat Slovenes, which was so horrifying that even foreign protesters were very appalled by it – mainly in Serbian and with their national terms.

“Dictatorship” over Čordić

I was also severely affected by the dictatorship’s treatment of the adored rapper Zlatan Ćordić, who lost half his voice during the horrific arrest due to shouting, and – as Tina Heferle reports, and Matjaž Nemec agrees – lost another half of his voice in detention. For Ćordić, the voice is his working tool, like for me, as a professional protester, stones, granite cubes, bottles and other tools to defend against dictatorship are my working tools. What will a man live on now, who will feed his many children and traditionally three wives? How will he be able to shout “freedom” and how will he guide and direct us without a voice? So I informed the International Association of Rappers about this crime, and I also sent a copy to our Academy of Music. I also do not understand how it is that the flowers of Slovene singing did not appear – apparently the dictator also took away their right to voice and sing. SAZAS is also silent. Only Manica Janežič Ambrožič defends him. And a big thank you to Judge Marjutka Paškulin, the house judge of the left, for releasing him.

I am also proud of a part of the academic elite, say Jernej Pikalo, which condemned the road dictatorship of the police. And it is not known how many were dead, but they certainly were, but Sukić is still collecting data and sent an appeal via Twitter that those who died in the protests should inform her. When she has time, she will also establish a connection with all those who died in these police violent protests through audio processing software Audacity, who will be able to be living witnesses when the dictator and his servants are tried.

It is also horrifying that the head of Resni.ca, Zoran Stevanović, had to turn himself in to the police, because otherwise they would have found him. It is unacceptable that he had to flee the last protest. We, the people, were confused at this, so we knew neither from where we came nor where to go, and we went in different directions.

I must also commend the upright stance of our political organisers of the uprising. So I especially praise Tanja Fajon, who said she is worried that the government is not resigning. Because if it does not resign, there will be more violence. This is what our communists did during the Second World War – if someone did not want to join them, they just executed him. This is still waiting for us. The revolution goes on.

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist and writer.


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