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[Letters – from victory to victory] About covid for idiots

The virus and other lies need to be talked about publicly. In obtaining the relevant information the participants were – prof. dr. Marko Potrč, senior doctor Tanja Ribič, assistant professor dr. Zlatan Čordić, Ph.D Jani Moderndorfer, the strike echelon (udarni ešalon) of the Left led by Mika Kordiš, the president of the ZKS Central Committee Tanja Fajon, and the special tasks group of RTV SLO led by Manica J. Ambrožič.


Although I personally miss Maribor’s waste of time, who was an example of communist intelligence in the parliament, I am also content with Lidija Divjak Mirnik, MP of Marjan Šarec. She is very versatile, has a trade streak, as she sells her underwear on Facebook, and has specialised in the application of covid, which is pure poop. For example, she notes that the app does not alert you to a contact with an infected person who does not have the app. This is about her infected mayor Sašo Arsenović, of course. The matter with the app is even worse – a stress test in the Left’s laboratory showed that the app emits special vibrations that affect the cortex by mentally changing the current political behaviour and definitions of individuals in favour of the right. The catastrophe, however, is that this happens even if you do not have an app, if I apostrophise our Lidija.

Marko Bandelli has recently contributed a lot to exposing the dictatorship of the government of Janez Janša. Every once in a while he writes a tweet that people think he is crazy, but in reality he is no – he is being serious. Some time ago, he exposed the viral phalanx of this coalition by finding that the government was concealing data on the number of infected among those who had not been tested.

Transparent dictatorship

Slowly, dictatorship is becoming transparent. They say that one of the biggest state secrets is that false positive leftists and communists are driven to the covid camp at night, for which the location was offered by the parish of Bled – this is the island of Bled. Due to the extreme crowds, some of them are also in the cellar at Trstenjak’s. It is an artificial creation of the number of infected people, and for the appropriate monetary compensation you can get a false positive result and thus go into manipulation statistics. This only serves to subjugate the nation, to restrict human rights, such as the mandatory wearing of masks, which has been proven to be ineffective if you do not wear the masks.

Our superintendent Peter Hrastelj reports of two more crime-worthy cases. One refers to a woman who received a positive test but was not tested at all. The second refers to a men being forcibly taken by an ambulance for testing. Field verification did not yield results, but it would be irresponsible to doubt the information. An acquaintance in the store tells me that in some cased it is also possible to earn very well. Her acquaintance learned from her sister that a neighbour had heard at the market that you could get a nice fee of around 200 euros if you volunteered to die of the virus. However, human greed has no limits, as some of the deceased who did not die from the virus have already reversibly agreed to it.

Covid and Janša’s clinic

Thus, the dictatorial atmosphere of the epidemic is artificially created in the country, so that the dictator can close gyms and inns, and considers closing public houses or kupleraje in the sixth corona law, which is an attack on the independent RTV. In general, the daily violation of human rights is enormous. There are even a few known cases where individuals sneezed on the road and were taken straight to Dob if they were not SDS voters.

The truth about the virus is twofold – that there is no covid, or that it was made in Janša’s Australian underground clinic. For several months Erika Žnidaršič has been preparing a striking programme Tarča on this topic. However, the problem is that they cannot find the clinic and Janša does not want to provide the address. Therefore, they request this through the information authorisation of Mojca Prelesnik. For example, some laboratory experiments in Marjan Šarec party have shown that the virus, which is or is not, can be defended with garlic and the appropriate amount of lily of the valley. However, the finding is still being tested on individual volunteers. Testing was temporarily suspended because one of the guinea pigs died from alcohol poisoning.


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