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Sunday, December 10, 2023

(Letters from Liberty) Museum of the Stuffed Revolution

By: Vinko Vasle

The day will come when fascism will be beaten completely and not only halfway, even though Robert Golob had good intentions. But we already have a victim – a first-time fighter, who in the 21st century completely overshadowed our greatest son, that was brough by the independence, that is Milan Kučan.

Marcel Štefančič has been in power in the public house RTV for 33 years and Kučan does not reach his knees. That is why Štefančič is currently the greatest son of the Slovenian nation. And the generations of ZZB, March 8th, and other successors of the Communists no longer make the pilgrimage to Kumrovec, or to Dedinje, but to where Marcel’s foot has been. It is a new postmodern religion, which currently has its own church in the Youth Theatre, which also has progressive views in freedom and throws the Slovenian flag on the ground and shouts that they must be killed.

In fact, Štefančič is also a part of those fake Farmhands – he also wants other times. Or, like all the weeping Yugoslavs, Marta Kos, and Dominika Švarc Pipan are comforted – we will do everything to go back to the years before 1991.

There will be dancing in the streets instead of protesting

How will it be? What will this be? There will be many, as Marcel Štefančič has been telling us from the public house for 33 years – there will be no fascism, no clero-fascists, and no uneducated right-wingers. We will all think the same, there will be dancing in the streets instead of demonstrations, there will be no more quarrels in parliament, and everyone will be for and not against. That is why Marcel Štefančič, at the age of 62, is a rebel, a Leninist type of leftist who brought the image of an otherwise old, grey-haired long-haired punk to our homes on small screens. And so, he had long foreseen the arrival of some other grey-haired long-haired punk who would be the saviour. And it looks like it will – Robert Golob.

Marcel’s Studio City always chained me to a chair. Already at the opening credits, I waited for at least a bit of J.B. Tito to show up in it from somewhere, but he did not. But in this Studio City, the Marshal’s spirit was still very much present because Tito did not die. He is immortal. Just as Marcel Štefančič is immortal. He must not be buried or cremated when he leaves the world of the left. Marcel needs to be stuffed like Lenin and Mao Zedong were. Mao is also stuffed as alive, I have seen him live, bud he just does not do any harm anymore. The stuffed Marcel should then be in the Museum of the Stuffed Revolutionaries and the pioneers will go to see him instead of the sports day and will sing “violet, white” and “we swear to you” and the like. From the museum, the pioneers will go to the Youth Theatre, where they will see the latest fake version of Farmhands, in which they will slaughter a right-winger or a dissident on stage, as they once slaughtered an innocent rooster in the Pupilije Ferkeverk theatre and sprinkled blood on the audience.

We want everything

He said this somehow when he did not threaten, but merely informed that there were “fucking few of them, and we still have lists”. There are really few of them, but from the small, history testifies, many grow. Many are surprised that the minority on RTV can threaten the well-meaning democratic majority. But it is important to know that they have experience from the past – Mao first had 12 founding members but look at how many millions he then killed. There were 11 of them in Čebine, but they ruled for 70 years and are returning. Therefore, the public house needs to be cleaned of those minority. Jože Možina has too many spectators with Pričevalci show, even though he is on at the scared hour. Igor Pirkovič makes insidious talk shows full of hypocritical balance of different thinkers. Not to mention his rhyming songs. We once expropriated Jadranka Rebernik and she came back. This is not healthy. We want everything.

Marcel Štefančič cultivated his garden in front of the cameras with the words “independence is not our intimate option”, the revolution visited him immediately after it disintegrated on the roads and streets; the Udba children were the intellectual surplus of Marcel’s broadcasts. Therefore, it is true that if Marcel falls, RTV falls, if RTV falls, Milan Kučan falls, if Kučan falls, udba falls, when it falls, there is anarchy and Janez Janša, and then it would really be over.

But Marcel also gave us Robert Golob and it’s not over yet. This one is yet to come.

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist, and writer.


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