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Letters from freedom: The Sun King

By: Vinko Vasle

Slovenia has been full of movements throughout its history. The most famous is the camp movement, which is a precursor to the rallies of young Golobs in the 21st century. We also know the partisan movement that freed us from fascism in 1945. However, since the Gibanje Svoboda took place in 2021, which also fought against fascism, we can say with historical accuracy that the partisan movement was not very successful.

Then we got the student movement in 1968, which was a stretch of Josip Broz Tito to appease some nationalist passions, and the students were fooled and thought they were making history. Therefore, they did not move in Ljubljana, but occupied Aškerčeva street, sat there for a few hours, and the self-proclaimed student leader – also one Jaša, brainwashed them. Then the Slovene Liberation Enlightenment was born, in comparison with which the time of the Enlightenment of the 19th century was pure amateurism. Let’s just remember the contemporary cultural movement of Jaša Jenull, Svetlana Makarovič, and the March 8th movement. With which the suffocation of the Enlightenment of Baron Žiga Zois, or Valentin Vodnik, cannot even be compared to the above. Especially if you read some of Makarovič’s rally verses. That is why the Jenulla’s Enlightenment movement of the voice of the people had more success than those losers Pohlin and Kopitar, as it gave us the Svoboda of Robert Golob, with which we fooled 400,000 voters. And we have the unwavering strength that made our Golob say last time that the values ​​and plans of this movement are not for two, as he previously thought, but for six terms. So, among us: if this is true, I propose a slow migrant movement towards the West.

In modern times, we also got the menstrual movement (branch of March 8th), the movement of fatal feminists, and most recently the red shoe movement, a female version of the Khmer Rouge movement, started by Alenka Bratušek when she became Prime Minister after the climate disaster. And as a sign of prestige, she had “Alenka Bratušek, Prime Minister” written on her soles. The movement of red shoes with a high heel was revived from the dead by one of the largest personnel slips in the country since independence – Urška Klakočar Zupančič. The colour red is reminiscent of our liberation in 1945. As some people noticed and emphasised her style, there was a “red shoe against right-wing sexism”, when many others from Robert Golob’s movement wore red shoes in protest against male chauvinist pigs, Tanja Fajon also joined in so as not to offend.

The third member of the coalition Luka Mesec did not show his left-wing solidarity and was primitive in cheap sneakers, which could have cost him the ministerial position that no one in the country knows about, not even Golob, what it serves, except that it is a cadre unique to comfort leftists. Tamara Vonta-Lastovka, who invented red sneakers, is to be commended. Supposedly, these shoes will now be a tradition and on the day of Klakočar’s election, all members of the Gibanje Svoboda party and the coalition will, without exception, wear red shoes with high heels – including boys. However, the coalition does not dare to propose that this becomes an official national holiday, because the rude opposition would immediately submit a request for a consultative referendum.

Robert Golob still needs a departure from reality with actions like red shoes. He aroused some anger among the voters because he appointed two ministers who were rejected by the electorate – Marjan Šarec and Alenka Bratušek. Even with the promised 20,000 cheap housing for young people, there will be nothing. Even the promised 30 days to see a specialist fell into the Tanja Fajon’s communist pit of promises; the abolition of supplementary insurance is also moving into the future of Golob’s sixth term. The only bright spot is the unique anti-corona plan made by Danijel Bešič Loredan, affectionately called the movement of the victims of the autumn wave.

And finally – we have another planetary motion – when the Sun moves around Golob.

Vinko Vasle is a journalist, satirist, publicist, and former director of Radio Slovenia.


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