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Let’s put it simply – rude, biased, and irresponsible

Dr Vinko Gorenak (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Dr Vinko Gorenak

Four ministers of the current Janša government are expected to receive a solidarity allowance from government measures to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis. These are supposed to be Ministers Tonin, Cigler Kralj, Poklukar and Podgoršek. Considering Podgoršek’s transfer to Nova Slovenija, and especially because the drafter of the law is Minister Vrtovec, who also belongs to Nova Slovenija, this is a first-class media problem today.

Well, if they are saying it from the side of the media tycoon and final convict Martin Odlazek, “Cenzurirani”, they call themselves “Necenzurirani”, if they do it on POP TV or on privately owned Channel A, let them do it, because we have no influence on that. But when national TV does that (Odmevi show yesterday), a problem arises. As if the mentioned Ministers do not have large families, as if they are not equal citizens of Slovenia, should we write in the law that this applies to all citizens, except for the Ministers of the current Janša government? Crazy.

At the same time, these same media, with national TV, which we all pay for, do not even problematise the illegal salary of Robert Golob and up to a million euros in additional rewards. How can this be explained? For me, there is only one explanation. Milan Kučan nominated Robert Golob as a candidate for the future Prime Minister, saying that he was an “opportunity” for the left political pole and not a “competition”. Do you not think that this is a kind of order for Fajon, Bratušek, Šarec, Mesec, as well as for the journalists of the dominant left-wing media? I also understand this in the case of private media, and such behaviour is unacceptable for national TV.

But let’s not forget that this is Milan Kučan’s fourth scam. In 2011, he led a procession of left-wing politicians and businessmen to the seat of the City of Ljubljana, where he politely asked Jankovič to run in the parliamentary elections. This also happened and Jankovič won the election, but because he could not count to 46, he did not form a government. It was similar in 2014 with clear messages to voters that the best candidate is Miro Cerar. We know where he is today. He also won the election at the time. And in 2018, Kučan’s chosen one was Marjan Šarec, with whom Kučan happily took pictures and thus announced who is the best candidate for Prime Minister. He did not do well then, but Šarec was second in the elections. We do not know what will happen in the next elections, but Milan Kučan is supposedly fighting the “last battle of his generation” with Robert Golob.

But this is not the first time such left-wing media reporting has taken place. Let’s remember MP Simonovič and his diploma. It was severely problematised by everyone until he showed it publicly. In the case of Chief Justice Masleša, however, this was not the case. For almost a month, they pressed their heads into the sand as if this problem did not exist.

Aleksandra Pivec has the same problem. Those lousy 400 euros for accommodation and a bottle of wine at the expense of the Municipality of Izola was a huge all-Slovenian problem that cost her the position of president of DESUS. At the same time, we learned that the head of the Court of Audit, Tomaž Vesel, earns another 250,000 euros a year after his work. No, but that was no problem. Today, he is happily being promoted to SD financial expert in the upcoming elections. He is an expert, of course, but more for his pocket.

As I wrote in the headline: rude, biased, and irresponsible reporting by all left-wing media, but the resentment is particularly true of national TV, which we all pay for. I am asking Sam Demšar from the self-censored “Oštro” for a “scientific” analysis of this article.

Dr Vinko Gorenak is the State Secretary in the PV Cabinet, a former Member of Parliament and Minister of the Interior, a university professor, and a member of the SDS.

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