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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Lenin’s ignorance of socio-political workers

By: Gašper Blažič

If you followed the news from the media world closely, last Friday you could see the intention of the counterfeit mafia to detain Bojan Požar, certainly one of the most informed journalists and insider experts on the Slovenian political scene, during the election campaign. As he allegedly did not attend court hearings (where his presence was not actually mandatory), the Senate of the High Court wanted to put him behind bars throughout the election campaign. Only media pressure on the court and the appeal of the lawyer Franc Matoz to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia prevented such an attempt to influence the elections. The timeline of events was too obvious to be a coincidence.

And as we could expect, all those groups of socio-political workers, soldiers of the revolution, pioneers and couriers who publicly present themselves as “journalists”, with the announcement of the imminent arrest of Bojan Požar, bit their tongues. They probably hoped that this would happen, that they would be able to spread their neo-communist agenda with even less hesitation during the election campaign, after they raised the alarm out of purely pre-election needs, saying that the government subordinates public RTV because the position of the president of the RTVS programme council was taken by the “wrong” person and because the acting editor of the MMC RTVS became someone who is not “ours”. Most notable is the fact that one of the most recognisable left-wing activists on national television, better known as the frontman of Studio City, is portrayed as the biggest victim of alleged government violence against journalists, declaring the current Prime Minister as nothing less than Slovenian Vladimir Putin. Hello, excuse me? Considering how Putin’s pit bulls on two legs took care of the physical liquidations of people unfriendly to the Kremlin regime, such as journalist Ana Politkovskaya, we may wonder if the red political commissars and their media supporters really think we will all fall for them? So, was Miro Petek attacked by Janša’s people? Did the “Janša supporters” threatened Jaka Elikan? Did the SDS champion arrange a court pogrom against photographer Jani Božič? In short, a real Leninist ignorance.

And if we consider the fact that the Slovenian Journalists’ Association, the successor to partisan journalism, gave special praise to Domen Savić on the same day as the drama with Požar was going on, we can say that Putin would certainly be proud if he had such political-media activists as Štefančič, Vasev, Bergant…

Gašper Blažič is a journalist for Demokracija, editor of its daily board, and editor of the Blagovest.si portal.


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