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Left persecutors of “fascism and Nazism” are tearing down the fence along the border

By: Branko Grims

Left persecutors of “fascism and Nazism” are tearing down the fence along the border.

Many claim that the forerunner of the modern left was Talleyrand, for whom they reported after the fall: “He did bad well; but he did good very badly…!”

All eyes are on Ukraine these days, where Russian aggressors are not even hiding that they do not care about the international war law. The bombarding of nuclear power plants, the deliberate killings of civilians and entire families, the use of illicit weapons such as cluster bombs and thermobaric warheads, including on civilians; mass destruction of civilian settlements…, all of which are war crimes that do not become obsolete. They are condemned by the entire democratic world, which has imposed sanctions like no other.

However, we must pay special attention to what is happening in Slovenia. No one should be lulled to sleep by the outwardly reached consensus on support for Ukraine and the condemnation of the Russian aggressor. Leftists in an abstinent rampage for the power, which they gave up themselves, are ruthlessly destroying everything.

Leftists are proving that they cannot be trusted

They prove to leftists every day that nothing can be trusted to them. They use their oldest trick again: they point to the government and blame it for everything they do themselves. Leftists are viciously abusing the war in Ukraine to settle accounts with the government, which is to blame for everything. And in the same breath they claim that war should not be abused for internal political reckoning…! In countries with a long democratic tradition, in the face of obvious international danger, the opposition joins in supporting the government, or at least it does not attack it. In Slovenia, however, the opposition uses every moment to spread lies and accusations to the government.

The opposition is not even objective enough to acknowledge the exceptional achievement of the fact that on the first day of the war Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša proposed comprehensive assistance to the invaded Ukraine and its accession to the European Union as soon as possible, and in just one week, all this has become an unanimously adopted policy of all the Member States of the European Union. No one from Slovenia has ever succeeded in something like this! Instead of everyone being proud of Slovenia and the fact that the Slovenian proposal was adopted, the left-wing opposition emphasises only the negative. By doing so, they are basically proving that envy (read: jealousy) is the only Slovenian national trait they cultivate. All true Slovene values, security, tax cuts, development, free enterprise, traditional family, tradition, culture, even the Slovene language and folk music are just ugly “fascism” for leftists.

The persecution of “fascism” and opposition to state border control are the only points of agreement of all on the left!

It cannot be true, but it is! Ever since the new year, there has been a complete consent of everyone on the left, from Golob, Levica, SD, SAB to LMŠ and various left-wing “Freedoms” (which are everything else but that!!) …, that everyone will persecute “fascism”. Golob has been talking about the persecution of “fascism” as his basic task on television. For months, the SD, Levica, SAB, and LMŠ did not miss a single session of the National Assembly in order not to announce the decisive persecution of “fascism”. Well, the last few days have been emphasising this a bit more quietly… in fact, the resulting silence soars to the sky! Of course, they did not keep quiet about the persecution of “fascism and Nazism” because something would change. Namely, they were exposed by Putin, who used the exact same rumour about the persecution of “fascism” as an excuse to attack the sovereign Ukraine and massacre the civilian population! And about settling accounts with the “Nazis”, which was the leftist hit of the season in Slovenia as well. Remember, comrades?

In recent days, therefore, leftists have preferred to remain silent about their persecution of “fascism and Nazism” in Slovenia, so that no one would notice their resemblance to Putin. Especially because Putin’s Defence Minister Shoigu added a point to the aggressive self-praise of Slovenian leftists with their anti-fascism by announcing the official announcement that Putin’s Russia will organise a world congress of anti-fascists this year! Given their emphasis on anti-fascism, Golob, SD, Levica, SAB and LMŠ, as well as some “Freedoms”, will probably be great participants, they can be demonstrators in practical anti-fascism. Best under the motto “Gliha vkup štiha!” (people, usually of bad habits, hang together), As the old Gorenjska wisdom says.

The guest of honour at Putin’s World Congress of Antifascists will certainly be Robert Golob’s candidate, journalist Mojca Pašek Šetinc, who will be able to impress all present antifascists with a performance: “Practical examples of the most disgusting false incitement to fascism and Nazism forms of political assassinations on RTV Slovenia” …!

Golob is tearing down a fence on the border so that Slovenia will be flooded with illegal migrants

Golob’s announcement that if he takes over the government of the Republic of Slovenia, he will immediately remove the fence on our southern border is an extremely serious warning that the goals of the leftists have not changed at all! Obviously, they want to flood Slovenia with illegal migrants from the field of radical Islam. Namely, the protective fence is set up as a preventive measure exclusively against illegal migrants, for the protection of Slovenian citizens. Leftists want new voters at all costs, as the old ones have mostly overlooked them and turned their backs on them. A great replacement is moving forward!

Golob’s announcement that he would immediately tear down the protective fence along the Slovenian border has already been supported by practically all left-wing parties. It is significant that even some parties from the “KUL” coalition, during their rule – in the period before the “big throwing in the towel” – additionally erected a fence along the southern border of Slovenia; however, Golob’s announcement of the demolition of the protective fence is now supported. This clearly states two things: that the “KUL” coalition parties have already completely submitted to Golob; and – which is the most important message – that Golob is obviously more (ultra!) left-wing even than the already completely left-wing parties of the “KUL” coalition!! Golob and his subordinate “KUL” therefore care very little if they expose Slovenia and all citizens to danger! Anyone who wants to live safely will avoid the left Golob in the April elections…!

Equating refugees from Ukraine with illegal migrants is offensive to Ukrainians!

Golob’s announcement of the demolition of the protective fence along the border also exposed the helpless rage that is eating away at leftists, because now, with the arrival of real refugees from Ukraine, the dirty game of the left with illegal migrants is clearly revealed. That is why a real media chase has begun to force the equating of Ukrainian refugees with illegal migrants in the field of radical Islam. But the difference is obvious to everyone. 90% of refugees from Ukraine are women and children, the rest are disabled and elderly. Fighting-able men stayed at home and defended Ukraine from Russian aggressors. Because they are real refugees, the border fence does not concern them at all, as they come to the border crossing.

Only a few % of illegal migrants are women and children, and the vast majority (up to 98% in some groups) are fighting-able healthy men who have left their women and children where they came from. For those who have come from the conflict zone, one must ask, what kind of people are they to leave their children and wives in the war?! Most illegal migrants come from countries that are not at war (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, Bangladesh…) and are driven by economic or religious-political (Great European Hijra – jihad!) goals. Those who know that they are not entitled to asylum, and therefore knowingly violate the legal order of the state of Slovenia and the European Union, force their way through the fence or illegally into the territory of Slovenia. Because of those who abuse and break the law, a protective fence along the border is necessary. It works preventively, all other measures to protect the border are stricter.

Therefore, any attempt to equate illegal migrants with real refugees from Ukraine to the latter is extremely offensive! Not only is such an imposition of equality unfair and offensive to Ukrainians, but it is also clearly illegal. Namely, the legal order clearly stipulates that the state and all its bodies must strictly comply with the legal criteria of who is a refugee and are therefore entitled to asylum, and who is not. So, whoever imposes through the equalisation of illegal migrants and real refugees from Ukraine, destroys the rule of law and undermines the security of all who live in Slovenia!

The elections will be a choice between those who want to consolidate Slovenia’s security and those who destroy Slovenia’s security!

We live in a time when the proximity of the war in Ukraine reminds us that security is indeed a fundamental value, without which everything else becomes less important. This proves that on April 24th, they will in fact choose between further building Slovenia, consolidating the security and well-being of the people and true values on the right, i.e., on the side of the ruling coalition led by the SDS. And during the growing flood of migrants, tax increases and the destruction of the security of the “persecutors of fascism” on the left, where everyone from SD to Golob, Levica, SAB and LMŠ swears only to “persecute fascism and Nazism”, which in fact it means persecuting everything that is developmental, successful, safe, Slovenian, including folk music. Do not stay home, the choice is yours! We are building a safe Slovenia!

Branko Grims is a long-time member of the SDS party in the National Assembly, a geologist, and political scientist.


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