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Kučan’s cyclers and Gibanje Svoboda with the support of Janković – Putinisation

By: Davorin Kopše

The upcoming elections in Slovenia and the war in Ukraine are events that have exposed all the misery of the Slovenian transition gang. We have never seen such bizarre events. This is not surprising, as the basis of their political orientation and way of working is in Russia. There is no stronger presence of communist destructive mentality than in Russia and Slovenia. There is no longer any doubt, but it is no coincidence. The Slovenian Communist Party has its roots deep in the Russian Communist Party. In Russia, this is maintained by the remnants of the KGB, and in Slovenia by the remnants of the Udba.

Unfortunately, there are some shadows in the proud history of Slovenian independence and eventual independence, which still ominously reach the democratic space. They are Milan Kučan and his subjects and they are street protesters who have been showing us for hundred weeks what kind of Slovenia they imagine. At the hundredth rally of his truth, the first president of an independent and democratic Slovenia joined the jenullation. This is a little man who was previously in the highest position of the dictatorial Central Committee of the League of Communists.

Kučan as a street protester

In front of them, who are trying to tell us that they are a people, stood a comrade who dedicated his life to lies, oppression, and political terror. At the top of the party, he was also at the head of the Udba criminal political police. The moment when this man stepped in front of the revolutionary microphone in the Republic Square can be considered as the success of democracy in the process of transition. The little man Kučan ascended the throne and agreed to speak under the monument of the revolution, which unfortunately still stands.

During Russia’s criminal attack on Ukraine, Kučan said he was to blame for the war on both sides. It is worth recalling his perfidious statement that the Berlin Wall had fallen on both sides. Both testify to the fact that Kučan always and at every opportunity sided with the Bolsheviks and the disastrous policy that originated in Marxism and Lenin’s half-world of disastrous revolution.

When the dwarf realised that his last statement did not go into the context of the thinking of most of the public, he seemingly changed his mind. He now condemns suffering and war, but still does not make it clear that Putin is a criminal who violates the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian and war law. He does not say this because a staunch communist does not change his direction. He maintains a mind that destroys. If he does not commit crimes himself, he supports them. Frankly or latently.

Kučan praised Friday’s protests and expressed support for their efforts and demonstrations of what kind of society they want to live in. But he forgot to recall the actions of these protesters all this time. They carried banners calling for liquidations, they lit torches by the example of Nazi raids in Germany in the mid-1930s, they burned parliamentary seats in the middle of the square, they showed the stoning of Janez Janša, drew Nazi signs on the Ministry of Culture building, undressed on the street, they laid on the roads and obstructed traffic, they poured red paint, which symbolises blood, etc.

He supported them because that is his way. Because this way is an attempt to restore their old oppressive way of governing, where money is shared in their way to those who think they are not working, where being a leftist is a hereditary privilege and power is placed in their cradle. It is very hard to believe that more than thirty years after the introduction of democracy, we still have to deal with the ways we have formally driven from power.

The former president, who is also an embarrassment of Slovenia because of this, condemned the claim of the State Attorney’s Office for the costs incurred in protecting the protests. He also believes that first-class citizens can organise protests under different conditions than everyone else. At the registered protests, the organiser must ensure security through security, which he must also pay for.

The left-wing avant-garde refuses to report its organised rallies to avoid costs. Maybe because they are running out of foreign money. There is more than enough evidence that their circuses are organised. For hundreds of weeks in a row, the same organisers have been calling for protests, having a programme and props, setting up a sound system and performing in a pre-determined scenario. At the end of each protest, the organiser invites those gathered to take part in the next protest, for which he tells them when and where.

Since the organiser Jenull received payment slips to pay for security costs, they are trying to show the public that this is a punishment for reading the constitution. Following the same pattern as they claimed, someone who failed to comply with measures to curb the epidemic was punished for eating burek or croissant. Is someone who breaks into a bank with a sandwich in hand really arrested for eating a sandwich? They say nonsense after stupidity.

The carrier Golob (pigeon) tells us that they are claiming their times back

Kučan’s friend Zoran Janković clearly supported Robert Golob. He is the new messenger of the deep state and left-wing political saboteurs demanding their times back. They demand those times when they had exclusive power and maintained parallel mechanisms that allowed them privileges and a comfortable life at the expense of working people who create added value and funds for the budget. Their efforts are nothing more than a request for a state ATM PIN code.

We first got to know Golob by the rhetoric that is the same as KUL’s opposition and Putin’s in Russia. They operate by accusing that democratic standards have been violated and that fascism and dictatorship are the foundation. So, what they stand for themselves, and they would rule on a pile of this manure.

Zoran Janković, an outspoken supporter of Robert Golob and his Gibanje Svoboda, earned an award for his hard advocacy and flattery of Putin’s way of governing. He received the award because Putin recognised him as a friend and supporter of his regime, while already preparing for a criminal campaign against the independent state of Ukraine. In Russia, with only a small doubt in the loyalty of the regime, you do not get decorations or support.

After Putin’s criminal aggression on Ukraine, Golob’s supporter Janković does not even want to hear about returning the medal. This is despite calls from the Democratic Council and city councillors of the Slovenian Democratic Party in the City of Ljubljana, where Janković is mayor. For almost a month, Putin’s army in Ukraine has been committing war crimes by attacking kindergartens, schools, colleges, museums, churches, housing estates, and other civilian targets, and Janković has done nothing.

It is quite clear that Janković is expressing his support for Russian crimes. Unheard of. It is also unheard of that he passionately supports Golob, who is trying to break into Slovenian state politics. Just what could be worse than that. Simply, worse than that is the fact that Golob accepts this support with all his heart and wants to step into the parliament with it and even to the government. And again, we cannot ignore the folk wisdom, which says that people with bad intentions stick together.

Based on everything written, we can expect only one more absurdity. That maybe Janković, as the mayor of Ljubljana, will honour Putin. Shame on all shame.

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia and an active citizen.


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