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Jože Biščak: Life in the red belt or how stupid you have to be to protest against yourself

It only took two months for any well-meaning man to realize, what a powerful network the new coalition was facing. It is difficult to say, when such evil has taken root in all parts of living in Slovenia. One of the reasons is certainly the bias of the mainstream media, which for many years has been brainwashing people, into believing only the people standing behind them, in the shadows. And let them believe only the polls, which are full of self-praise and complacency.


Even those who were never interested in politics or were bored (as much as this is even possible in Slovenia), now had to open their eyes, that there is nothing wrong with the centre-right government, which is “guilty” only of the fact, that it exists, that we have it at all. The mainstream media – a platform for left-wing political groups, politicians and self-proclaimed civil society, to convey messages to the reckless public – have completely lost their compass in recent days (because, miraculously, no one has resigned yet or even the government hasn’t fallen because of their reporting). They literally declared war on anyone, who not only disagrees with them, but doesn’t even believe them and expose their lies. Finally, they took off their masks and giving up the only piece of credibility they had left. That’s good news.

More and more people simply don’t believe them anymore. They don’t believe what they watch on their televisions; they don’t believe what they hear on their radio stations; they don’t believe what they read in their newspapers or magazines. And on social media, they openly write down that they are lying. This is of course a severe blow, so they go crazy and sue around to be attacked. From who? From readers? From listeners? From viewers? For God’s sake, because you live from them, RTV Slovenia even forcibly takes money from people! Now at least you know what a (large) part of the public thinks of you. Face it finally, for God’s sake, once again! Gone are the days when you were caressed. The soap bubble, in which you live, far from reality, will burst. Where you will fall, I don’t know, but you will definitely land hard. If you haven’t been openly hated so far, you are definitely now. And it’s your own fault. Not long ago, viewers commented only on whether the presenter or journalist has a tidy hairstyle and how she appears in front of the camera. I believe it is a shock to you when you are also challenged by the words you utter. No, you weren’t used to that, were you? The Teflon wrapper is a thing of the past and also polishing the left through image and words simply no longer works with humans.

If ever, then today, in these places, everyone must have overlooked, that they are still trying to inspire the public with socialist rhetoric and iconography, with Marxism, which is the ideology of the power of hairy souls. With this they want to rise above the truth of good people, systematically and arbitrarily imposing their agenda, as a postulate of political thinking. Think about what the left political side is celebrating. They come and bow to the monument of Boris Kidrič, this symbol of the post-war slaughter. And no one knows what they want to say with the flags of the former Yugoslavia and the pictures of mass murderers on the chests of current politicians and apparatchiks, while cycling around Ljubljana, Maribor and elsewhere. Three-quarters of a century later, communist assassins and their blood and ideological heirs, still cannot face the truth. It is quite likely that it is easier to live in a lie, as the truth means responsibility. They never really tackled with it, to ward off the ghosts of the past.

They say that nazism, fascism and communism cannot be compared. But, please nicely, what is the difference if you deliberately exterminate a group of people (Jews) in the name of ideology or if you stage the murder of the bourgeoisie in the name of ideology. No, there is no excuse to say, that the intentions of socialism were good, that we protected the working class from the bourgeoisie. Because accepting this thesis means that the Germans also had good intentions, as they wanted to protect their nation. That is why different Židan’s, Šarec’s, Štromajer’s, Kordiš’s, Kučan’s, Fajon’s and Bratušek’s, who shamelessly bow to the shameful past, continue to lie and try to convince people of their right, with deception and mainstream media. The facts (mass post-war cemeteries and numerous testimonies of survivors) are irrelevant to them. And it is even no longer a matter of lying; they no longer know a difference between what they simply invent and the truth. With them, the line between the real and fiction no longer exists. For them (like religion, family and nation) the truth is obsolete and it is only a remnant of the former bourgeois past. We now live in a world of progressiveness: a world that they are forcibly building on their own and a world of ideology based on neo-truth. And although common sense says they lead us in a lie, any inactivity to resist it is a confirmation to those who claim there is no truth.

Because of the government’s measures and the establishment of Janša’s “dictatorship”, as they described the fight against (for them) the fictional COVID-19 virus, they were deprived and they just took another way. All the latest trolls on social media are a result of this. And when they felt strong enough in recent days, they called for a deliberate violation of government regulations. One would say that in the search for a deliberate incident, that would trigger the “outrage” of the international public, they somehow feel free from all laws. This group of cyclists deliberately intimidates just about everyone, the restrictions only apply to us on the right, not to them on the left. They do not hesitate to nullify government efforts; they do not hesitate to destroy Slovenia; they do not hesitate to resort to the most radical things.

These bullies who knock on each other’s chests to keep their rallies peaceful, even though they interfere in the most rude way with other people’s safety and lives, will do so, as long as good people will look away and allow them to do so. And they rely on that. They know that, a still conservative and God-fearing Slovenia will not resort to violence. Violation, violence and degradation are their domains, they are their reach and they are their unreal life. They don’t have light feet. They do what they want and whenever they want. For now, they are sure no one will want to stop them because otherwise they would make a hell. I say – for now. But one day, this street tyranny will have to end. No one disputes them to express their opinion. They can also gather wherever they want. All this is guaranteed by the constitution. But let them not interfere with other people’s lives. Driving in a one-way street in front of RTV Slovenia is just one example when they interfered in the lives of those citizens who did not cycle with them. And this is a dictatorship, not Janša’s centre-right government. But, you know, they always turn things, because they judge by themselves. They are endangered, even though everything is allowed to them. Then they receive awards from “reputable” media houses, such as Deutsche Welle, or are smoothed out by Guardian or BBC newspapers. Just let them become Pulitzer laureates. And they will, won’t they? Although the Pulitzer Prize is already so contaminated today, that it couldn’t even be more.

They were recently awarded, the Slovenian Press Agency also reported. Among others, Greg Grandin, a historian and icon of progressives, received it for his book The End of Myth (about the end of “fairy tales” that Americans tell about themselves and their country). This could even be OK, if he was not the ardent admirer and apologist of Dictator Hugo Chávez, who suppressed the aspirations for freedom of Venezuelans with blood. Grandin spoke of Chávez as a hero. He even said that Chávez’s Venezuela is perhaps the most democratic country in the Western Hemisphere. At the death of the dictator, he wrote in an obituary in the weekly magazine Nation, that Venezuela’s problem was not that Chávez’s regime was authoritarian, but the problem was, that it was not authoritative enough. Just enough to know who is praised by the “reputable” media and to whom the “reputable” awards are given.

The loud and from mainstream media backed up group of progressives will not change. It is illusory to expect something like this. However, we can only hope that the younger generation, of the COVID-19 period of isolation, will learn a lesson and will not follow the example of cyclists, who, as paradoxical as it sounds, are protesting against themselves.


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