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Jože Biščak: Equilibrium

Jože Biščak. (Photo: Demokracija)

What is prozium? It is a fictional drug in the movie Equilibrium which has since become a film classic that everybody should watch. The plot is happening in the distant future, after the war had ended and the mankind had almost become extinct. Since the authorities of the city-state of Libria were convinced that the emotions were the origin of all things evil, its inhabitants must take several times a day the aforementioned drug that suppressed their feelings of anger, animosity, love, sadness and happiness. At the same time, all forms of art (music, books etc) were forbidden, or to be more exact, anything that could induce the protagonists to give in to the power of emotions. And any kind of sensitivity was declared crime, punishable by death. The consequences emanating from this strange situation were the apathy or the total equality among the citizens: everyone had the same thoughts, everyone did his or hers chores in the same manner and all behaved according to the conformity.

The attentive reader has already noticed that life in Libria represents the ideal of the modern leftism. Since the situation has not deteriorated thus far, that people should be forced to take the prozium, the leftists nevertheless believe that they have the exclusive privilege of their convictions being those which all of the people should follow. And if this is not achieved, if the resistance of their ideological opponent is too strong, they call the authorities to help them and punish those who disagree.  

The emblematic example of what has just been described, is the beginning of criminal procedure against Tadej Strehovec, the secretary of the Slovenian Bishops’ Conference, because of his involvement in the Institue for family and the culture of life. Strehovec thinks that the unborn infants have the right to life, which contradicts the leftist lobbies who are staunchly pro-abortion. And since the media lynching against Strehovec was unsuccessful, the pro-abortion individuals and non-governmental organisations, offended at being blacklisted as »murderers«, did not decide to press the civil action. They instead forced the Public Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute against Strehovec ex officio because of the alleged hate speech. The charge will eventaully be dismissed by the court; if not at the first instance, then at the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia. What is highly alarming, is that the State is prosecuting something that should not be prosecuted against at all-against the freedom of speech. Public prosecutors are, in all probability, aware of this and therefore the sole intention of the criminal procedure is the intimidation of those whose opinion does not conform with that of the leftists, or better yet, silencing them. This does not inlucde only the Catholics, who resist the abortion, as there have been at least three more cases in the preceding weeks, when the politicians and those who had the power, threatened the politically incorrect individuals with the same criminal procedure as Strehovec is facing right now. Those individuals were Jože Možina and Jože Dežman, Lucija Šikovec Ušaj and the magazine Demokracija. The difference of opinion about the recent Slovenian history or about the illegal migrations, conveyed by anyone else but by the regime-privileged historians and the non-governmental organisations, is not only unwanted, but also deemed to be outlawed and sanctioned, if expressed publicly. This is, at least, what the Slovenian leftists strive really hard for.

Most of us still remember that the website ZLOvenija had emerged at the height of the migration wave back in 2015. It was used by the leftist activists who publicly pilloried the Slovenian patriots, citing their full names and surnames. Their only sin were the warnings against the crimes that had later happened by the hordes of migrants, invading Europe. They were insulted as the xenophobes, fascists and Nazis and the Slovenian government at the time did not evenas much as flinch to protect those whose opinions did not conform with the prevailing left-wing ideology. On the contrary, the government even actively encouraged the hysterical barking of the so-called philanthropists. But when the article with the title  »The List of the pro-abortion lobby that opposes the right to life of the unborn infants« appeared on the web portal 24kul, all hell broke loose. Hatred, violence and intolerance incitement were among the chief recriminations, while Strehovec was recognised as the man who would be better suited to lead the Inquisition had he lived in the Middle Ages. But their recriminations proved nothing else but their total ignorance about the mediaeval period of the European history.

The Mediaeval Era was far from being an obscure time of human history. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, there indeed followed a period of stagnation which was, however, more the consequence of the inherited Greek and Roman culture. Their disintegration was more the result of the corruption, debauchery and degeneration, than being the characteristic of the early Middle Ages. This is why the intense decrease of the European population followed and its extinction was always a possibility. But not because of the epidemic diseases or the lack of food, but because of the simple fact, namely that the European population of those times still practised abortion and infanticide. The crucial role was then  attributed to Christianity, which first conferred dignity on women. This fact is in sharp contrast with the general belief that women’s lot in the mediaeval society was almost equal to that of a slave or, later on, to that of a serf. There and then commenced the magnificent development that has been threatened in the 20th century under the guise of liberalism, humanism and democracy. These in turn were again infected by the corruption, debauchery and degeneration and started to menace the biological origins of humankind. Are we going to survive this time as well as we have the last?l 

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