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Is this still Slovenia?

By: Kavarna Hayek

A good three decades ago, I saw a shining land. That was Slovenia. My country. Maybe I did not say enough in my life, that I watched a proud nation that literally overcame history and intended to build independence on a mighty rock, on a piece of blessed land, a wonderful part of the earth, as God would make it for himself.

Yes, it was a different and more confident era. It was a short century when the fog lifted, and we could clearly see the devastation left behind by the communist dictatorship. We did not blink, smile shyly, or ask what to do. We just did it. At a pivotal moment in history. We acted in the firm belief that Slovenia will go further in its development than ever before. But as time went on and the memories of the independence saga and its heroes faded, the naysayers, who should have been buried a long time ago, raised their heads and became louder.

Today, I am tired of indoctrinated left-wing activists, the socialist orchestra, conceited and biased media, constant manipulation, and humiliation of Slovenianness. This is a place I did not want to be. This is a place where exalted officials and haughty new faces hover far above the ground in their imaginary palace and dictate the lives of God-fearing people. God is my witness that I never thought I would have to put up with people dictating to us what is good for us, who can be our friend, who we should hang out with, what we should eat and who we should believe. It even went so far that it became xenophobic and racist to communicate in one’s own language, to exalt one’s culture and tradition, to be proud of being Slovenian. Today I regret that we did not once build a strong wall and let through the door only those who had a pure heart and a will to work. Today, there are too many part-time workers who have to be fed by hard-working Slovenian hands with the threat of force.

It is not long until the day when I enter my seventh decade of life in this world. Over time, I wonder more and more often whether I have done enough in this time and what else I could do. But the fact that, after almost ten years of being slandered with all kinds of terms, together with my journalist colleague Škorc, they finally succeeded in condemning me for publicly expressing my opinions and thoughts, however, somewhat washed away the despondency I carried inside me. The act of publishing the gloss, which was the basis of the conviction, apparently had at least such significance that my worldview opponents and enemies of freedom of speech revealed that they were constantly in a frenzy in fear of such publications. Intervention would be shameful in any free country, but this is today’s Slovenia: obstinacy belongs to those who would like to be wise in leeward ports.

I wonder if this is still Slovenia. Is this still a land of buckwheat fields, magnificent forests, numerous waters, and mighty Alpine peaks? Is this still the land of brave and daring individuals who have preserved the tradition of our ancestors through literature, music, tradition, and religion for centuries? No, Slovenia, as seen by today’s voters, is something completely different:

Slovenia, where in some parts you no longer hear the Slovenian language.

Slovenia, where urban centres with foreign mayors are turning into a Balkan cauldron.

Slovenia, where individual representatives of the people show all the signs of cocaine use and then, as ministers, try to implement ideas that only work in their fantasy world.

Slovenia, where a cross is made over freedom of speech.

Slovenia, where March Institute’s housewives and other bums, whose only effort in life is to walk from plate to mouth, shout inarticulately in the streets and hinder the lives of honest people.

Slovenia, where high taxes would destroy even those entrepreneurs who keep this country afloat.

Slovenia, where despite compulsory payment of health insurance, you cannot see a doctor or specialist.

Slovenia, where education by belittling the natural sciences brainwashes the youth, ….


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