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Is the story repeating itself? Will the Communists succeed again?

Instead of actively cooperating with all the media during these times, public opinion is already being blamed on, how the new government is to be blamed for the situation.

Words that say more than mine would say. “On the first occasion of koronavirus in Italy, I became extremely anxious! At that moment, the previous authorities should have already taken drastic measures. But there are none! Health professionals and citizens have even been misled by many untruths! At the time, the media only reported that we were making unnecessary panic (obviously they do not know what panic is), because it is only a disease that affects only the elderly, has a course and way of transmission like the common flu! Wrong !!!! You would expect such pompous headlines then! The media could help you then, but you are not! “, wrote in a letter to the Zurnal24, the Slovenian top cardiologist Ales Pleskovic and also explaining to the journalists of Zurnar24:” Believe me, it is difficult to treat people in this situation, it is difficult to work in this situation. Almost all leaders in the world are ‘caving in’, except for President Lukasenko. Not yet ‘caving in’. We, the healthcare professionals, are also ‘caving in’ for the time being, not like the Italian doctors, but that does not mean that they/we are not working! On the contrary, every energy atom is consumed /spent to help patients! Please, rather help the authorities, health professionals, all Slovenes with positive and integrative actions. Let’s get together! “

Unfortunately, at the time of the outbreak of the new koronavirus, which appears to be the worst crisis since the war for Slovenia, the events of the year 1991 are repeated. At that time, empty weapons depots were waiting for our army and at the outbreak of the epidemic, depots with no protective equipment, a lack of respirators and a broken health system were waiting for new government.

Let us recall that the SDS was still in opposition to warn against the new koronavirus, but the government, led by Marjan Sarac, ignored their warnings and preferred to install party personnel in the public administration.

And here we can also remember the time of the war for Slovenia, when the Communists sought to preserve Yugoslavia and after independence, their main concerns were their own political survivals, which they also succeeded to a very great extent. Will they succeed now too?


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