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Is the government “dicht”?

By: Dr Stane Granda

It is not proper to write negatively about the national sovereignty in civilised countries. This means that we should not deliberately look for mistakes to ridicule it. It has only itself to blame if it forces people to criticise its actions, which actually deserve disgust.

The attitude towards the current governments is completely different due to the nature of democracy, where the opposition is an essential part of it. Here, criticism and criticising are not only a reflection of political opposition and an expression of hurt due to electoral defeat, the latter is usually hollow and unproductive, but part of the preparations for new elections. Of course, every government rejects them because it has to strive for favourable public opinion, but for its own sake and its own future, it must take them extremely seriously. It should not be afraid of them, as they also help it prepare for the new strength test. Unfortunately, this kind of criticism often borders on hate speech, which is either part of a tactic or a substitute for the strength of arguments. It is precisely in this respect that the current government, despite the establishment of a committee for the prosecution of hate speech, is the weakest. Accusing a political opponent of acting beyond reason is part of the way to commit political competitors to psychiatric hospitals, one of the hallmarks of Stalinism. Putin is not doing this yet. Obviously, learning about the complexity of the problems and the magnitude of the problems triggers such stress in some members of the government that they can no longer control themselves verbally. Not everything can be hidden behind digitisation and green transformation. Obviously, communication with the public is one of its weakest parts due to the lack and even absence of political experience. Nothing strengthens the opponent as much as the inability to admit one’s own mistakes and painfully defending them.

It is even worse with the current government. It does not understand the signs of the times. Janez Zemljarič was not only one of the pioneers of subordinating healthcare to private needs, but he set a model of this type of operation, which many not only imitate, but also upgraded it into a gold mine of transition. With Kučan’s order for his state funeral, the government received a clear message about how it should tackle healthcare reform and who should not be affected. It is an open secret that they are frantically looking for a replacement for the Prime Minister. Golob did not understand anything, but he forced the Minister of Health to publicly humiliate himself in front of the boss of the Belgrade bazaar and the mafia, which is increasingly ruling Ljubljana and all of Slovenia. It reached a public monument in Ljubljana for part of the Erased, but there is no place for Slovenians in Žale cemetery. Not to mention the Roma. Janković’s “cops” beat Slovenian farmers at will. The overthrow of Janša’s government was led by the “Belgrade cadre”, and not by Nika. When you meet her, you must lie on the ground and pretend to be dead, otherwise you will be charged with physical assault. In any case, Minister Bešič Loredan, who has the main credit for Golob’s convincing election victory, was so humiliated by the apology to Janković that he launched a real competition in public to see who would depersonalise him more.

The fundamental characteristic of Golob’s government is irresistibly revealed. “The emperor is naked!” Its task was a complete showdown with Janša. This was not only Kučan’s order, but also the great goal of the Belgrade bazaar, which therefore placed one of its most capable and internationally trained personnel in Ljubljana. In order to slander independence, it had to appoint a special Secretary of State to the cabinet. This reckoning, especially with the abolition of the Museum of Slovenian Independence, which is a national shrine as long as there are Slovenes, exhausted the government. The Constitutional Court added its own. Headed by the President, it has not only lost its good name, but it has also destroyed its reputation and credibility and drained its own energy. It permanently tarnished its name. Prešeren’s Valjhun is a literary fiction, Golob from under Tito’s Sabotin is a permanent reality. Dežman’s rake from the middle of the 19th century is going down in history. His humiliation of Slovenes is not comparable to Golob’s. We can only wait for him to be accused of subjugating Slovenia to Italy, which wants to control the area up to Belgrade and Pristina.

Misfortune never comes alone. “The more everything is reformed, the less it changes!” The government imposed reforms on healthcare, wages, education, the judiciary, taxes… on itself. Of course, all of this is necessary, but it is not too much only for the government’s mandate, but for the human generation. It is not naivety, it is sobriety. Underestimation of leadership and responsibility towards the country prevails. It deleted the elderly and the needy. The continuation of large investments, such as the highway from Slovenj Gradec to Metlika, is being stopped. There are also problems with other infrastructural projects that have been the driving force of social development. Starting school reform with child nutrition is unprecedented in history. The government does not need opponents, because apart from promises and ever-new “timetables” it has nothing to show. It is constantly late in reacting to current problems. The old rule that the road to hell is paved with good intentions is confirmed. These are subjective, but the conditions in which we live are real.


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