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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Illegal migrations, dim European response, and follies of the ruling authorities

By: dr Metod Berlec

In this week’s Demokracija magazine, we continue to address the issue of increasing illegal migration from Asia and Africa, which is increasingly posing a threat to both Slovenia and Europe. In the case of our country, there is particular concern about the rising crime rates in the vicinity of migrant centres and elsewhere. There has also been an increase in criminal activity in Ljubljana. Therefore, the President of SDS, Janez Janša, proposed last week to the government an immediate convening of an emergency session of the National Security Council to discuss migration and the broader security situation in the country.

“Slovenia, along with the EU, is on the verge of a major wave of migration. This is exacerbated by actions taken by Russia as part of its special warfare through the Wagner network and numerous other activities in some African countries. Relevant services of certain countries had already warned about a hot migrant autumn at the beginning of the summer,” wrote Janša, emphasising that an SDS representative had already proposed, during a meeting of the National Security Council in mid-July this year, that the council also discuss information about increased pressure from illegal migration and timely propose appropriate measures. However, the ruling authorities arrogantly rejected this proposal.

Similarly, they have rejected Janša’s proposal for a session this time, claiming that there is no need for it. However, the reality on the ground indicates the need for action, as neighbouring countries may soon begin to seriously control their borders (German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has already announced the temporary control of the border with Poland and the Czech Republic to limit the influx of migrants into the country) or even close them, which would mean that our country will become a so-called migrant pocket. Therefore, Janša advised Golob’s government not to underestimate the situation but to take action, to cooperate with affected countries, and to agree on measures to halt this migrant wave on the Balkan route. The fact is that the European Union under the leadership of the European Commission (EC) and its President Ursula von der Leyen is not doing its part in this regard as it should. Quite the opposite. In Lampedusa, von der Leyen emphasised that Europeans and not smugglers would decide who would come to Europe. However, she also stated that they would strive to replace illegal migration with alternative legal and safe paths for all those who wish to come to Europe. In light of this, von der Leyen called on EU member states in Lampedusa to use the mechanism of voluntary solidarity. This EC stance is a result of the fact that the current composition of the European Parliament (EP) is more left leaning, as is the case with the European Commission. Von der Leyen was elected as the President of the EC in July 2019 with the support of the votes from the European People’s Party (EPP), socialists, and liberals, which are two political groups that self-destructively support the replacement of the original European population with people from the third world. Unfortunately, even within the EPP, there are many influenced by George Soros and his “open society” or “borderless world”. Therefore, the priority for the EC is not to solve the migration issue but primarily the so-called green transition, which is also self-destructive for the EU, as it makes Europe lose its traditional competitive advantages over the world.

Given the current events, it is clear that the European elections scheduled for early June next year will be extremely important for European nations, states, and the entire EU. A political shift to the right is necessary, resulting in a more right-wing, patriotic, and common-sense composition of both the European Parliament, the European Commission, and other EU institutions, as this directly affects their priorities and orientations. Regarding migration issues (both legal and illegal), it is crucial to apply the brakes, stop them as much as possible, and ensure the remigration of migrants to their countries of origin. Otherwise, the EU faces chaos.

Towards the end of this editorial, let’s touch on the events in our country. The ruling left-wing coalition (the government, GS, SD, Levica) continues to pass controversial, if not unconstitutional, legislation. As Janez Janša wrote on the social network X, in just one day (September 20th, 2023), the ruling coalition managed to: 1. Humiliate the veterinary and legal professions, loyal citizens during the epidemic, farmers, priests, rural areas, and common sense; 2. Rehabilitate and reward the extremely violent street paramilitary groups of the regime; 3. Admit that they are not stopping illegal migrations but “managing” them. Janša: “Rock bottom is approaching ever faster.” At the same time, we are witnessing incredibly shameful personnel purges at RTV Slovenia carried out by subcontractors of the ruling…


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