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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Illegal migrations as a weapon

By: Dr. Andreja Valič Zver

“Wir schaffen das! We will succeed!” declared the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2015, vowing to all of us who watched with disbelief, doubt, and fear as hordes of illegal migrants surged unchecked toward the then mostly poorly defended or even undefended borders of the EU.

Merkel’s policy of open borders is becoming a fading memory, slowly slipping into oblivion, but her invitation to migrants remains shockingly relevant. Once again, we are witnessing unprecedented waves of illegal migrants ruthlessly crossing the borders and other countries of the EU, including Slovenia. Much ink has been spilled on this topic, including from my side. Under the leadership of the Golob government, Slovenia is rapidly turning into an illegal migrant pocket, with the prospect of further deterioration. People living near the border are understandably afraid of what the next night and day will bring.

But while the situation, especially on the southern border of Slovenia, is becoming more alarming by the day, we could safely describe the situation on the Italian island of Lampedusa as a “state of war”, as lamented by Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Salvini, adding that it is actually the “end of Europe”. Over the past weekend, more than 10,000 illegal migrants, predominantly adult men, arrived on the shores of Lampedusa. There are almost no women and children among them. The number of illegal migrants is four times greater than the island’s population, who, in fear for their lives and property, have organised self-defence units since the Italian police can no longer secure them. So-called no-go zones have been established on the island, where the police no longer have access. Conflicts between illegal migrants are on the daily agenda. Last week, a French journalist posted a report on social media, highlighting that EU officials advised him not to record statements from illegal migrants. These migrants openly stated that they were not fleeing war or violence but were simply “economic migrants”. This is a blatant example of distorting the truth in favour of the “replacement of population” theory, which is also advocated in United Nations documents.

Illegal migrants are being dispersed throughout Italy, and in the next phase, other EU member states are expected to take them on their shoulders. However, I can assure you in advance that Poland under Morawiecki and Hungary under Orbán will definitely not succumb to the dictates of Brussels bureaucrats. As for Slovenia, I must be appropriately sceptical due to the meek and subservient response of Golob’s phalanx regarding the acceptance of illegal hordes. The fact is that many people, including in the form of “non-governmental organisations”, make substantial profits from various “projects” related to illegal migrants. Another fact is that all types of criminals profit handsomely from illegal migration. It is also a fact that the weakening of the EU and the European space in general benefits many who have ill intentions towards Europe. Let me remind you of Putin’s murderous conquering campaigns and China’s unrestrained “long march” to the top of the world.

At the end of this brief reflection, let me mention that in recent days, approximately 6,000 illegal migrants are crossing the US borders every day! Interestingly, among them, there are no women and children, only young men. Biden’s government is dispersing them throughout the US, where they mostly end up on the shoulders of taxpayers, waiting for… Who or what? Perhaps new instructions? A significant fact is that due to illegal migrants, New York is collapsing, and President Biden, who is increasingly stumbling, barely comprehensible in his speech at the UN headquarters in New York, has no time for the desperate Mayor Adams of New York.

The world is upside down, one might say, if it were not for the United Nations’ document on replacement migration (“Replacement Migration: Is it a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?”) from the year 2000. According to this document, Europe’s population should not exceed 728 million people. However, due to population aging, Europe is supposed to accept 1.8 million migrants every year from 1995 to 2050! By 2050, migrants and their descendants are expected to reach 127 million, or almost 18 percent of Europe’s population.

So, there is the rub. The global “elites” dictating to us the so-called carbon-neutral society and similar self-destructive nonsense are assigning Europeans and Western civilisation an increasingly marginal role. Illegal migrations are a potent weapon in their hands. Slovenians are once again, as we have seen many times before, just pocket change in their wallets in these global scenarios. Unfortunately, Golob’s government is obediently leading us in front of the firing squad.


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