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If the left-wing media applied the same criteria to Hojs’s piece of land as to Janša’s, they would applaud him. And vice versa. But now, they prove their hypocrisy once again!

The essence of capitalism is not capital. This is a socialist fabrication, the word was coined by the socialists (Louis Blanc): it meant that some people appropriate capital while they exclude others. Therefore, it has always been used in a derogatory sense.

 Capitalism is essentially the rule of the free market: it is a “place” where free individuals meet and where the prices are determined by supply and demand. In principle, something is worth as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it. This is also the case in the real estate market. Which is completely incomprehensible to the leftists, who tend to think that something is worth as much as they say it is, while everything else is corruption. They apply this mentality to relationships between private citizens as well. And so we get to the point, to the current Interior Minister Aleš Hojs, who allegedly “with the help of political friends” obtained “a piece of land on the Coast at half price”, as the 24ur portal (HERE) points out, referring to Mladina magazine. But before we dig into this, let’s refresh our memory a bit.

What was the thing again with the piece of land owned by (current Prime Minister) Janez Janša in Trenta? The leftists were not bothered by the fact that he bought it in the early 1990s, but that he sold it for more money a decade later. And because of this, he is still being persecuted today, which is, of course, irrational. They are of the opinion (and so was the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption – KPK) that Janša should have sold the land at the same price or a little higher than he had bought it for. In this case, everything would be alright.

Well, Aleš Hojs did exactly that – he paid “only” a quarter more per square meter than the seller had paid for it. The seller (Hojs was not the only buyer) had (based on the price of the entire property, which he divided into four parts for the purpose of the sale) at the time of the transaction made around 65 thousand euros of net profit. Which is a hefty pile of money. But this does not sit well with Mladina, as they claim he bought it too cheaply referring to similar pieces of land in Colomban (north of Ankaran), where  the prices are twice as high. This is ignorance and hypocrisy.

How was it with Janša’s piece of land? While the leftists thought that Janša should have sold his piece of land for one euro per square meter (it was worth that much in their “expert” opinion), the state sold a similar piece of land  (within the Triglav National Park) for 45 euros per square meter (HERE). Basically, they feel uneasy if the land is bought cheap or if it is sold cheap, with the word “cheap” being relative.

The left-wing despair over the center-right government, which is still stable despite all the attacks, is clearly immeasurable, thus the old tactics are being used – the use of double standards. If the same criteria were applied to Hojs’s land, the Minister of the Interior, who had bought the piece of land before becoming a minister, would be applauded, patted on the shoulders,and praised  for buying the land almost at the same price as the (Russian) seller had paid for it. Otherwise, we should applaud Janez Janša now. Thus, with their hypocrisy, the leftists prove: first, that the real estate market is unpredictable; second, that it works somehow despite the anomalies; third, that something is worth as much as the buyer is willing to pay for it. It is hard to find more convincing evidence that for leftists any transaction carried out by left-wingers is good and fair, and any transaction carried out by right-wingers is corrupt.


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