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Thursday, September 29, 2022

How much longer will we suffer vandalism, Jaša Jenull, and Tea Jarc?

By: Romana Tomc

Dear Sir/Madam,

As we debated the future of Europe and democracy in the European Parliament yesterday, something happened in Ljubljana that we hoped would never happen again.

An attack on a national parliament is an attack on democracy. Inadmissible, reprehensible, criminal. I hope that the reactions of the police and all those in charge will be decisive.

How much longer will we have to suffer this vandalism, Jaša Jenull, and Tea Jarc? How much longer will they lie, harass, incite, and insult? Until the victim is in the form of lives?

I hope that this does not happen and that people will also slowly start realising where incitement to intolerance and attempts to seize power at any cost lead to. The election will be here soon, then let these instigators show their results and fight honestly for the voters!

The escalation of violence, from cycling, school without masks, death threats and spitting at MPs, all the way to Triglav’s exploits, took place with the support of the opposition, the media, and the courts. With their actions, they encouraged violators of the measures, who became more and more courageous. Warnings that we have witnessed similar scenarios in history that did not end well have been ridiculed. There was not a day that we did not rush through the government and sabotage all attempts to resolve the crisis.

The idealess anti-Janša KUL members go a step further every day. This hysteria and violence needs to be stopped! All of us who can contribute in any way to our most important common goal – to stay healthy – let’s work together! Let’s vaccinate.

In the EU, vaccination coverage is more than 70%, and a normal life without meeting the PCT condition is practically impossible. This already allows many countries where vaccination rates are highest to gradually release measures.

Of course, anti-vaccination protests are also taking place in Brussels, Paris, Berlin and elsewhere. But there, anti-vaccinators account for a negligible share of the total population. Most ignore them. The protesters receive neither media attention nor lenient judgments. Unlike the Slovenes, they do not draw swastikas on facades and do not break parliaments.

I did not find any article in the public media about any director of the Prebold type. Simply because they do not have access to public television. It is amazing how far we came with this cheering in Slovenia.

So again, let’s stop this hysteria and violence! There is really no excuse for destroying.

Stay healthy,


Romana Tomc is a Member of the European Parliament and a member of the European People’s Party, to which the Slovenian Democratic Party belongs.


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