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Sunday, December 10, 2023

How left-wing propagandists abuse language

By: Jože Biščak

The use of language and the definition of concepts are very important. Leftists excel at this. They are top-notch linguistic propagandists who, due to their specific interests, give entirely new meanings to words and concepts.

And they are not at all bothered that they consistently fall into contradictions each time. It is important that their language reaches the ears and influences the misguided thinking of people. “If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought,” George Orwell observed.

The latest example is quite fresh. The recent attempted rape on the green in the centre of Ljubljana would have gone unnoticed if unofficial information had not leaked into some media outlets. When the police confirmed the information that two Moroccans had attempted to sexually abuse a woman, it was not defined as an “attempted rape”. The media mainstream resorted to the police definition that the migrants were “restraining a woman on the ground”. One must make a great effort to articulate what these words mean. But for leftists, this is logical. If they used clear words, such as what an “attempted rape” is, it would contradict their migration agenda, which claims that “traumatized refugees” are coming to Slovenia from war zones and are the target of right-wingers. Their demonisation would turn public opinion against them. They do not want this because they benefit financially from the migration issue.

Vague language leading to a blurred definition of an otherwise clear concept is useful for the left in achieving their corrupt goals. The fact is that the migrants attempted to rape a woman. Since they could not deny it, they conveyed to people that they were “restraining a woman on the ground”, which is an abuse of the definition of an “attempted rape” and a misuse of language. Thus, left-wing politicians, NGOs, and prevailing media in Slovenia are the major instigators of linguistic manipulation that affects the thought processes of their listeners. Such abuse is particularly dangerous because it forces the conclusion that illegal migrations are not a security risk. And when migrants surround some mother or girl next time, due to the corruption of leftist language, she might think they are just “restraining her on the ground”. The realisation of the truth can be very harsh.


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