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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Holy Three Viruses (of Terrorism)

By: Gregor Preac

We are being attacked by dangerous viruses: one is the new coronavirus-19 and one is Islam. Both times we turned a blind eye to it, deny the danger, go all Stockholm syndrome, white man’s guilt, false political correctness, declare criticism as hate speech, look for conspiracy theories. It is much easier to deny the existence of a new coronavirus and virus in Islam than to deal with them, which is what the same people usually do!

Even COVID-19, like Islam, goes silent for a long time, sleeps, is a “sleeping cell”, mutates. You will want to correct me that the second virus is not Islam but Islamism. Well, Islam is indivisible, unicellular, it does not recognise divisions, it does not recognise schisms, it does not separate culture, system, nation, state, law, politics, art from religion. Everything is faith. Exodus from Islam to another religion is punishable by death!

The European liberal and Slovene neo-socialist media, run by RTV Slovenia, pay much more attention to the dangers of the extreme right than Islam. However, the Breiviks are only the result of mass illegal migrations from Islam, Islamic crime, violence, terrorism. Islam is not illegal, it has institutions, fanaticism, funding! The virus hosts in our cell, feeds and reproduces, depletes and kills us!

Hypocritical European politicians have at least stopped gossiping that Islam is a religion of peace. For the Islam of terrorism, they found the name political Islam, which is “the apostate of good Islam.” Well, after all the wars and violence of Islam, after 20,000 terrorist attacks a year, apostates and a minority of Islam are not jihadists, but rare peacekeepers. Last but not least, neither mosques, nor Muslims in Islamic ghettos, nor Muslim families report their drug mafias, terrorists, jihadists, sons, to the police.

As so many times before, even after the latest wave of terrorism in Europe, the police of so-called European nuclear countries immediately went into action on the groups and people who have shown anger over Islam and its violence online. The so-called right-wing extremists (in Slovenia they are declared patriots) are being invented and needed so that the public can use them again as the false devil. As in, we have worse than Islam. Or worse, that Islam is a victim of right-wing extremism and hence terrorism, which is only a (just) defence.

We will not underestimate European right-wing extremism, but it is much more benign, it is only hooligan and has no subversive aspirations. At the mounted political trial in Maribor, which turned out to be a judicial farce of the century, Šišak and his guard tried in vain to prove that it was a matter of destroying the constitutional order, i.e. the government, state institutions, especially when the guard only wants to defend the border. The essence of Islam and left-wing extremism is the takeover of territory, property, power!

The virus of left-wing extremism, such as Antifa, BLM, anarchists who burned, robbed, and sculpted statues, and Ljubljana’s cyclists are still untouchable. How far are Jenull and his comrades from the Red Brigades? Could left-wing extremists in crime and terrorism cooperate with Wahhabis, Albanian gangs, in Slovenia due to Balkanism and nostalgia for Yugoslavia and the PLO? In Vienna, Muslim gangs and Antifa are fighting each other.

Naive European politicians, of course, have not read the Quran. Most suras and ayats are overt or covert calls for jihad, holy war. Islam is so different, incompatible with other religions and cultures, that there will always be ghettoization and state within state and the tendency to spread, to prevail! But jihad in Europe will be soft, with migrations and fertility, and bloody when Islam is in the majority!

The new wave of terrorism is just further proof that all migrant politics and multicultural politics with Islam is completely wrong when you can only increase the police indefinitely, as every mosque and every Muslim teahouse in the ghetto needs its own police spike. With Islam, with the three holy viruses (of terrorism), Europe is transforming into a new German Democratic Republic, Cuba or Yugoslavia, when every block, every street, every village, every inn, every church, newspaper, publishing house, school, factory had its spy. It is pointless to build a mosque in Ljubljana, Islamic prayer houses in Slovenia, that they must now be controlled by Sova (=Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency)!

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer and world traveler.


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