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Golob’s beef scandal

By: Bogdan Sajovic

The first lady of my homeland has once again put her spouse, who occasionally dabbles in leading the Slovenian government, in a tight spot. After facing criticism for their private escapades in tourist destinations, which allegedly strained the country’s struggling treasury, and for accompanying her to international meetings where she has no business being, and even allowing her to interfere in political decisions, he is now caught up in a beef scandal.

The veterinary inspection seized a herd of cattle from a farmer under the pretext of neglect, based on a law that the entire profession criticised, claiming it was unprofessional and foolish. Nevertheless, it was adopted due to the alleged pressure exerted by Tina on her boyfriend (the prime minister). The crux of the problem is that the confiscation of cattle was carried out in a partisan manner, based on unclear evidence, justified by an unclear report that did not even specify the number of seized animals. Non-governmental organisations were also involved in the whole process, although they had no place in the official procedure. Moreover, it seems that the inspection had prearranged buyers for at least a portion of the seized cattle. To make matters worse, one of the “activists” even privatised one of the animals herself, claiming to feel sorry for the cow, despite the lack of sensitivity shown by these “animal lovers” when loading the seized calf onto the truck. As the cherry on top, the inspector leading the entire affair is in the social circle of the prime minister’s companion. Furthermore, Tina persuaded her boyfriend to appoint her friend as the first veterinarian of Slovenia. However, as the entire profession, including the Minister of Agriculture, rejected this as a very bad idea, Tina’s boyfriend dismissed the minister and temporarily assigned the portfolio to the defence minister, Šarec. This move allowed him to indulge in practicing throwing in the towels.

Well, the beef scandal has thoroughly stirred Slovenia, and discussions are already happening online about how long it will take for Tina’s boyfriend to follow in the footsteps of “Šarec” and throw in the towel due to all the scandals that have accumulated for him as well.


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