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Glosa: Political hysteria – from Trček to Violeta

By: Vinko Vasle

Psychiatric science has written thick books, analyses, and studies on hysteria, and almost nothing on political hysteria. Therefore, it is not known what kind of brain short circuit must occur in order for an individual to change from a peacemaker into a dangerous beast of the Franc Trček type. Such an animal is, for example, Marko Koprivc, who a few days ago at the interpellation of the Minister of Education Simona Kustec went so crazy that he punched the innocent MP’s desk with his fist, and it was so severe that the Minister ran from the hall. Marko Koprivc is, of course, the linguistic armed force of the proud successors of the murderers, the grey mouse of the revolution, who is also physically more and more similar to his father Jaka, about whom Zlata Prinašalka wrote an editorial in a special satirical edition of Maribor’s Kaja-Jak, when she started describing Himalayan cattle. And he occupied the ZKS Central Committee. Just before midnight. And then Pavliha was abolished by the Party. Marko is very similar to dad.

However, I would be literary unjust if I did not write that the holder of the hysterical option in parliament is Franc Trček. He is unfortunate in every way. The man had been training hysteria already during the Maribor uprising, when he shouted so loudly in the lobby of the municipality that the police had to lay him on the ground and cuff him so that he would not do anything. When he was not yet an MP, he roared from the podium in an unusual state (they say alcohol syndrome) in the pre-election left-wing tribune in Cankarjev dom for so long that he had to “pee like an old bear”, which he told those gathered in the hall and left – to pee. When he returned, he said something about his family, divorce, and similar publicly important matters.

Trček likes to use appropriate terms for leftists, which he speaks just before going crazy. The last time, for example, he said that as an MP he has the right to shit, although even today no one knows why he said that because no one forbade him to shit. Not even the political one, which the right and the Home Guard, but also the fascists, say is a rhetorical septic tank. Some attribute all this to his natural character after birth, while others hint at permille in the blown air, or even some other substances. He has experienced two hysterical attacks in recent days.

In the first, the victims were all members of the coalition or right-wingers and fascists, as he says, because they drove him so far with their shameless calmness that he said that he would just die of evil, but – “my dears, I will not be alone, even among you someone will go with me.” Whether this was a threat of assassination of political opponents, or an outburst in delirium, is not clear, because MPs are not yet checked in parliament with an alcohol test and a test for the presence of drugs. Fascists and right-wingers also say he should be physically groped when he enters parliament, which is a result that he threatened Anja Bah Žibert, chairman of the Health Committee, at a time when he and World Communist Women’s Forum were advertising the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. A word is a horse, and Trček is a zoo.

Matjaž Nemec is also becoming dangerous, especially since he attacked Vice President Jože Tanko in the middle of a session of the National Assembly with physical threats. Security guards had to intervene to prevent physical contact. Nemec likes to go crazy for every little thing, and it is the fault of the right, including the fascists, who point to his lies and manipulations, although nothing in the rules of procedure says that communists and leftists in parliament are not allowed to lie. That is why they have been doing this peacefully since 1945.

Violeta Tomić, for example, is typically hysterical, which is reflected in her elective vocabulary – thieves, bastards, mobsters, fascists, low life, especially when she heads the culture committee. In fact, Tomić is aggressively hysterical to the point that she threatens calmly, as when she told Janez Janša what they once did with Ceauseascu, and so after the election a similar fate awaits him and all those who supported him. And a man-sensitive hysteric is his comrade-in-arms Nataša Sukić. But she only goes crazy when someone mentions that some MP is beautiful. Which, of course, is a horrific fascist male-chauvinist provocation. She almost pulled MP Jože Horvat’s hair for a similar remark.

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist and writer.


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