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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Globalist machine or ethnocultural organic society?

By: Andrej Sekulović

Ignoring ethno-cultural differences and diverse racial characteristics can have disastrous consequences in the regulation or formation of a particular society.

An increasingly globalist society, which wants to replace the equality of all citizens or members of the nation with some universal human rights and equates the rights of foreigners with the rights of natives – the migrant laws of liberal countries are increasingly full of “respect for the human rights” of all people – and is based on egalitarianism, is becoming similar to a great menacing and cold machine.

The members of society are just cogs in this huge machine, which, given that we are all equal, can always be easily replaced. If one wheel starts to squeak, discard it, and replace it. If necessary, individual parts that are cheaper can also be mass-imported from distant foreign countries. All the wheels are identical, so there is no fear that certain wheels or certain parts will work inconsistently with the whole machine. Thus, at the turn of the millennium, the United Nations proposed alternative migration as a solution for the aging population of Europe with a low birth rate. Imported migrants, as a new labour force, would make sure that this does not affect the economy, because after all, the only thing that really matters in the modern world is economic growth. Who cares about outdated traditions, customs and racist “Hitlerian” ideas about the differences between peoples?

Such a society of individuals reduced to members of the “human race” and producers/consumers is opposed by a vision that may not be in line with liberal views but is in line with human nature. Instead of a big cold machine, it is an organic society that cares for the welfare and well-being of both individuals and the entire community. Just as it is important for the body that each organ is healthy, so it is important that attention is paid to each individual, guided both by the improvement of his own talents and the good of the whole community. In the body, it is necessary to ensure that each organ is healthy, as this also means a healthy body and vice versa. In view of the escalation of globalist goals, we must ask ourselves whether we would rather be cogs in a machine to be discarded at some point, or part of an organic community in which each individual is important.


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