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Gašper Blažič: It is Not Only About the Symbols, it is about The Practice!

The problem is not so much in that the Supreme Judge, a few years ago, came dressed up as a Yugoslav Pioneer and displayed her nostalgia for Tito through social networks.

The real problem is that this same judge honors precisely these values and practices law according to them in such a way that the judiciary becomes the striking fist of the revolution. That is what happened in the Patria case, in the condemnation of Milko Novič, and in the case of the priest Franc Klopčič. Today, this is happening in the Kafkanian process against Tadej Strehovec. The only good thing about it is that some people in the Church are finally aware that Slovenian democracy is actually a simulation of something that does not really exist. Even though many will persist in the politically correct fiction of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” – either from intellectual laziness or from conformism and opportunism. Forgetting, by the way, that people set up by the Deep State despise constitutional decisions.

Do you understand why the red star is now appearing even at official celebrations and why it is (yet again) dishonoring the symbol of the Slovenian Armed Forces? It is precisely because of the official doctrine that our country is a continuity of the previous regime. Is this really what we fought for? No, we did not! Therefore, it is all the more perverse that the 50th anniversary of the Slovenian Territorial Defense is celebrated in our country. Before 1990, it had nothing to do with the current Slovenian Armed Forces, apart from the name, which the Slovenian army kept for several years after independence. It seems as if nothing happened between 1990 and 1991!

Is it therefore at all surprising that in the last few months, the exponents of the Deep State picked on and pressured in various ways the weekly Democracy Magazine? The last attack was about the magazine’s call for a patriotic Slovene fairy tale. True tragedy: a degenerate writer’s society, now only a shadow of its former reputation when it was led by Rudi Šeligo, in connection with many public money suckers, is giving orders on what we can do and what we cannot. All the while they are financed from the budget, even for these actions, while we have to prove ourselves on the market. The difference is more than obvious!


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