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Gašper Blažič: From Marrakesh with love

The infamous Marrakesh Declaration has been so much talked about that there is hardly anything to add. Perhaps the only thing left to say is that Marrakesh is the site of a historic event, dating eight centuries ago. It is the site where the martyr St. Berard was executed with his companions, from the Order of St. Francis of Assisi, the first martyrs of this community, who preached the gospel to the Moors of Morocco. Bloodthirsty men whipped them to the bone, spilled hot oil and vinegar on their wounds, rolled their bodies over stones, and severed their heads.

What was the real reason for their martyr death? Not only were the Sultan and his courtiers irritated by the gospel preaching but were even more irritated because the Franciscans remained faithful to the gospel. Loyalty and identity are not appreciated in the world of the leftists. When I read in the media of how many countries in western and northern Europe give up and even abolish traditional Christian denominations (such as Christmas fairs and concerts) in order not to offend the non-Christians who arrive there, I often recall what was said at the time when the Christian roots were erased from the preamble of the European Constitutional Treaty. It was said that this does not mean anything yet, that I should not worry, that Europe is still Christian, and that the mention of Christianity in the Constitutional Treaty is a matter of prestige. It turns out it was not so.

Regarding the European Left, I would rather not waste my words, anyway we all know that its purpose is to destroy the existing identity of Europe and to trigger a clash of civilizations by encouraging immigration from Muslim countries. What is more surprising is that some Christians naively follow this logic. In fear of being accused of racism and hate speech, they quietly support the vicious plan of the invasion from Muslim countries.

Well, as of the impoverishment of Christian roots, they speak the same of the Marrakesh Declaration – that it is “nothing out of nothing”, that we should not be alarmed by it. Why did they even invent it if it does not bind anyone?


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