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From Davos to São Paulo

By: Dr. Andreja Valič Zver

In a few days, we were able to follow reports from Davos, Switzerland, a sleepy town hidden in the heart of high mountains that once a year turns into a “pilgrimage centre” of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The organiser of the infamous annual meeting of politicians, bankers, businessmen and various other influential people, who in the post-covid era met again in the eyes of the world public, is also quite mysterious. Half-Swiss and half-Bavarian Klaus Schwab, who by the way was invited as a special guest to the November meeting of the world’s most important G 20 statesmen, hovers over the World Economic Forum like a grey eminence. It is symptomatic that, when asked about his finances, he dryly remarked that according to Swiss law he is not obliged to disclose this information.

Transparency is also not a feature of the Davos flying circus. Among other things, they fail when it comes to the question of the credibility of their debate circles. Already years ago, the world marvelled at the then American vice president from the ranks of the Democrats, Al Gore, who preached about catastrophic “climate change”, but he himself flew to the Davos meeting with a private plane. Ah, let’s not be petty about the carbon footprint. But look, the story repeats itself this year. More than 1,000 important people, including Bill Gates, flew to Davos in their private jets! Of course, we should also mention the climate preachers who arrive in Davos in their limousines along the narrow winding roads. Let’s not even talk about the Swiss army, which activated 5,000 soldiers this year in fear of potential opponents of the Davos pilgrims.

But let’s leave the hypocrisy of the visitors from Davos aside for a moment and focus on the announcement that you could find on the WEF website in 2020. It was later deleted, but it still deserves our attention. “Welcome to the year 2030”, read the title of the note, the author of which was a Danish parliamentarian. “I have no private property, I have no privacy of my own, but life has never been better,” the aspiring author continued. So, there is the rub! The WEF, which titled its pre-Covid project “The Great Reset”, inadvertently revealed with this announcement that it is preparing nothing more and nothing less than a “brave new world”. No private property, no privacy, all equal in poverty – except for the ruling elite – and on and on in that style. The latest changes in the World Health Organisation, synthetic “meat” and flour from crickets, which will end up in bread without our knowledge, but with the blessing of the EU, are just some of the harbingers of the “great reset”. Perhaps it would be better to say, “new totalitarianism”? Let’s ask ourselves whether humanity has not already experienced too many experiments of this kind and survived with serious wounds. Well, more than a hundred million victims of communist totalitarianism confirm the insanity of the creators of these mega-social experiments.

Let’s move from snowy Davos to much warmer Latin America, which has been rocked by many social unrests in recent years for additional illumination and support of “The Great Reset” theory. One by one, countries are falling into the insatiable clutches of leftists, supported by money from drug cartels and mafia groups. The last domino to fall is Brazil. There are many unknowns surrounding the alleged electoral victory of the leftist Lula da Silva. Former President Bolsonaro retreated abroad. Otherwise, he probably would have been arrested by now. When we pick up the booklet on the functioning of the Sāo Paolo Forum, things fall into a logical sequence. The global left-wing invasion, which was briefly halted more than three decades ago with the fall of the Soviet Union, is happening daily before our eyes. The rise of autocratic regimes, the brutal aggression of modern dictators, predatory migration flows, multiculturalism, the eating away of family values, the undermining of the cultural foundations of Western civilisation, etc. are just different faces of the same hydra. Its credo is revealed to us more and more clearly. Latin America is just a training ground for playing with the fate of all humanity. Fortunately, there are more and more people who understand the “cat and mouse” game and are more and more determined to oppose the “Davos paradigm”. Freemasonry, global economic and other non-transparent groups must not dominate in the regulation of human relations. Otherwise, we are in for a “Great Ice Age”, not a climate with low temperatures, but one that will bring the majority of humanity a grey sameness in icy poverty!


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