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Freedom in Svoboda party: The worst thing is to be a Slovene under Svoboda in Slovenia

By: Dr Stane Granda

The name of the government coalition is reminiscent of the inscription above the entrances to German concentration camps. They promised freedom: imminent death in the gas cell or “dying on rations”.

Although Svoboda’s electoral victory is glorious, it never means the majority of the population. The winning coalition does not even have a constitutional majority. It behaves like a dictatorship of the relative majority over the relative minority. Political morality requires governments to take special care of minority or underprivileged groups. Demonstrations of pensioners, farmers, firefighters, nurses are evidence of political disparagement, hatred, contempt, political survival, gross political violence, and existential threats… It is not surprising that for many, such a way of governing evokes in the subconscious the feeling of neo-fascism demonstrated by the Prime Minister with his minor behaviour. Despite the exceptional sympathies for Primorska region and people from there, there is nothing coastal in him, even less Gorizia, at most Laško. Especially in playing patriotism and democracy. The Italian social totalitarian movement, which is probably subconsciously modelled after the political performance of the Prime Minister and his colleagues, is further strengthened by the primitive manipulation and falsification of Slovenian history, where the intellectual bottom of the Gibanje Svoboda party, the leader of their parliamentary group, stands out. Evil tongues say that Gorenjska’s cattle are celebrating and dancing because they are no longer cared for by a failed veterinarian. The profession is too big and too important to be abandoned by a person who feels fulfilled in it.

Pensioners are the most under attack from the government. With the repeal or withdrawal of the Act on the Care of the Elderly and the Sick, they were literally erased from society. Their future is scary. As if the events in Bergamo were a model for them, when they took away the dead elderly with military trucks. This is also confirmed by the rulers with their attitude towards their pensions, where they are repeatedly disadvantaged. First with inflation, then with the price, especially of food. Many can only get to the most expensive Mercator or trade monopolist. There is disregard for their specific situation and immoral valorisation of pensions. Janković’s and Kučan’s cyclists, together with the followers of Aksentijević and his Belgrade circle, are erecting a Ć monument. The new government will have to place a monumental and poignant image of the dying pensioner in front of the parliament or on Republic Square in memory of the Svoboda government.

Freedom is not a one-size-fits-all political movement. His name evokes strong ideological connections with those who have and still understand freedom as enslavement by totalitarianism. One of the key supports for this claim is the tremendous intolerance towards true Slovenian culture and democracy. Self-proclaimed cultists and scientists dig in state money. This is especially true for those dozens of cultural cyclists who only see themselves as such. Their aesthetic peak is also a descendant of the infamous B. Kraigher, who jumps around the Ljubljana Cathedral in his underwear and makes fun of communion. Insulting Christians is not only the essence of their culture, but also the striking fist of politics, which increasingly settles accounts with the Church. Insulting religious sentiments is not only extremely uncultured, but constitutionally prohibited. The Slovenian prosecution and judiciary never understood this. The latest victim of this is a priest from the outskirts of Ljubljana, who was brutalised in every way in the courts for more than a decade. Martin Uhernik in a robe. Judges really deserve more than 600 euros of extraordinary salary increases. They will get them from the taxation of the churches.

Settlement with farmers also has a multifaceted ideological basis. Supporters of Svoboda see in them only Slovenian Janšists, who invade their centres of urban culture with their rural culture and consciousness. Can you imagine that they are driving past their temple in Šiška, can you imagine how the heart of their great supporter Janković is bleeding as they rub his urban glitter? Farmers: “Leave Ljubljana! Go to your villages and listen to your folk music!” On the day of the farmers’ demonstration, politically oppressed journalists used all their intelligence to express their contempt for this tragic situation. Urban Ljubljana is at least physically shaking before the repetition of the Ižanski punt from 1848, and it is only a question of time when the ministers of interior and defence will declare a “standing verdict” in Ljubljana.

The worst thing is to be a Slovene under Svoboda in Slovenia. The director of the Museum of Slovenian Independence, one of the most promising and above all hard-working Slovenian researchers, not only lost his position and job, but was banned from working and is going abroad. Svoboda’s freedom!


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