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For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind

By: Dr Stane Granda

With the change of the government and the President of the Republic, we are witnessing an unusual phenomenon for Slovenia, but not for the former communist countries. Members of the financial oligarchy climbed to the top of the former state of the working people, socialism with a “human face”, with the immense “help of the former people’s government”. The extreme left gives the rhythm to the oligarchs, which thus reveals its true – fraudulent attitude towards the “working class”.

In addition to the incomprehensible auctions of food and energy, the lasting monument of the current rulers is the world championship in the Nordic disciplines in Planica 2023, where the prices for the spectators have been raised so much that fans of winter sports cannot even visit it. They did not do this just because they do not know how much 100 or even 1000 euros means to a Slovenian citizen, but mainly so that the Slovenian “poverty and penance” would not mix with the expected world cream, with which they feel connected. Because of the high prices, even many foreigners cancelled their visit. Those who have come, however, travel or eat in neighbouring Italy and Austria, which are cheaper.

Since the Second World War, Slovenia has been plagued by ideological intolerance, reckoning with those who think differently. I remember the warnings from a few decades ago: “Remember! What we are experiencing now is nothing. Fear the times when people will come to power who have not heard anything about love for their fellow man, their neighbour, in their youth. They only know looted and stolen wealth, ideological differences, and intolerance.” The predictions are coming true. The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister are their symbols. Directed education gives results. The tolerance that some people have heard about is understood only as sympathy for people with unusual sexual practices and moral depravity. They are declared normal, almost mandatory. They are mocked and despised from a classical family. Kindergarten auctions say it all. The Prime Minister appears on a national cultural (!) holiday with his mistress and publicly shows his ignorance and contempt for the family and the mother of his children.

Both the government and the presidential part of the palace do not miss an opportunity not to show contempt and hatred for the opposition, which is the essence of democracy. Accusing and criminalising it, is the most common thing. The Prime Minister threatens it with the Minister of the Interior! Like an umbilical cord, the President of the country and the Prime Minister are connected by contempt and hatred for the poor and the helpless. This is particularly evident in relation to non-privileged professions, such as certain categories of medical personnel, firefighters, pensioners and the infirm, sick, and elderly. When Golob’s government took power, they were immediately deleted from the government’s priorities. He does not miss an opportunity to not show contempt for them. He undisguisedly and unashamedly helps to shorten the lives of both. Has euthanasia begun? The cost of living is skyrocketing. Are they planning a Slovenian version of the “Holodomor”? They clearly have no problems with ruthlessness and cruelty! Firefighters who saved Primorska region in the summer already feel them.

A special chapter is the President of the Republic, who openly strives to be declared the sportswoman of the year. “Urbi et orbi” she declared her national bowling championship, which most citizens do not know. There is no Slovenian term for it yet. Her special problem is Slovenian independence. It was not by chance that she declared Kučan and Türk as her spiritual fathers, for whom independence was not a personal option. The only thing missing is her opponent in the presidential race, Milan Brglez, who explained the post-war massacres with the principles of natural law. No wonder the rule of law does not work. She was actively involved in the demolition of the Museum of Slovenian Independence. It is not enough for her to indirectly help co-oligarch Golob, she must above all humiliate independence. That is why she accepted the former first policewoman into her cabinet and put her in charge of the problem of the Erased. They are not a problem at all after the adoption of “their” law. In the background is not only the deepening of the humiliation and criminalisation of the Slovenian independence, but the manipulation, with which the erasure of the majority ignorant and detractors of the Slovenian independence would be declared to be its essence and characteristic. She would equalise, slander, and hang the Erased as equivalent to post-war massacres to the Slovenian independence, together with the government cabinet. Not only did she not say anything about them, but she came to Dražgoše to pay special respects to the political heirs of the biggest crime in our history, the most massive death of Slovenes. Her and Golob’s duplicity towards Ukraine is an extremely eloquent and logical consequence of their attitude towards Slovenian independence. Not only the falsification of history, but of current facts is their inseparable bond.

The state of mind under Svoboda and the feminist era of the Slovenian government, let’s remember the horror of the idol of the female leftism of the women’s battalion, Feliks Dzerzhinski – the architect of totalitarianism, who was admired by both Mussolini and Hitler, is especially revealed by the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Kajuh’s birth. Like no man, he was not perfect. During the war, he snooped on ideological opponents and endlessly enjoyed detailed descriptions of their liquidation. Instead of emphatically remembering his tragic poetic genius, the organisers of the celebration highlighted his “military spying”. By the way, his successor was declared a criminal organisation by the Slovenian Constitutional Court.

“When you rise in society, think about how you will fall!” I hope that the Slovenian democrats will not repeat the naivety at independence and will know and be able to put things in their place.


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