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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

FDV is no longer just a sleeping cell, but an agitator for Palestinian terrorists. Unprecedented disgrace!

By: Vančo K. Tegov

The tragicomedy continues with even more bizarre incidents and excesses. The young, disoriented, confused, and future quasi-intellectual elite have placed their delusions on a pedestal of society and universities, before which the entire university, or rather its rector and all his cronies, have bowed down due to their existence.

A few years ago, we would have laughed at this and said it was some obscure university, an obscure faculty, and “limited” individuals studying at some university in Chad or Burkina Faso. But no, this is the University of Ljubljana, which in previous decades aspired to be listed among prestigious, recognised, and esteemed universities with the ambition of reaching the top 300, then two hundred, or even one hundred. In the past few months, they have disappeared from the “radar” of all measurements and are currently far behind the number 1000. But now it is completely different. If given the chance, they would be happy to be invited as an associated member of some university association in a Central Asian or sub-Saharan African country. But they still have to wait.

Their actions over the past few weeks and until yesterday in the occupied lecture halls of the FDV, and the statement that even the rector and other members of the university agree with the students’ demands, have completely exposed them.

Political or other agitation in university premises or areas, the use of the pedagogical process and university resources for political or other non-academic purposes, constitute a violation of the ethical code.

The soft and amorphous attitude towards this has led the rector of the “University” of Ljubljana, Gregor Majdič, to say: “I think we are all in the same boat and we have the same views. None of us in the university leadership supports the actions of Israel.” Even Lomonosov University can hide among them.

Only camping in tents outside the FDV, bonfires in front of the faculty, and jokes with the mandatory four colours of the Palestinian flag are missing, and we will be there. Forty and some years ago, it was like this (during the author’s studies), when they even recruited volunteers for the Palestinian “struggle” through the PLO in then Yugoslavia, but still, it was not the occupation of halls at such and similar faculties.

Is it already too late to set the course against these delusions and metastasised social deviations? Are they already in a phase of decay, and which ones? We must find a remedy for these moral, behavioural, and any other slaps to modern Slovenian society. We must save and heal society from this.

Only a strong moral push is necessary, is it not?


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