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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Does a new wave of COVID-19 virus await us in the autumn?

At every turn, I notice how people are no longer afraid of the virus that kept us at home from mid-March to mid-April. The tension has eased, and although hand disinfection and wearing masks is still valid, I see that many customers run into the store without disinfecting their hands at the entrance and have the mask fitted so, that it would be better not to have it at all.


No, by no means do I like that I still have to take these steps, which, I admit, burden me, but I am much more burdened by the thought, of what if the virus comes back. Yes, the sun is shining outside and a pleasant May breeze is blowing, but all this can be very deceptive – the invisible enemy can return! Therefore, caution remains in place and perhaps even more so, than during the quarantine.

Life and work go on, the children of the first triad go to school again and their demands for unlimited socializing, as well as birthday celebrations, as has been the custom so far, are increasing. How could they not, because through the windows of classrooms, where they have to sit at an appropriate distance from each other, they often see high school students, who obviously walk around the school together, to relax while studying from home… Well, I hope the virus will not spread in the summer, as new foci may emerge rapidly in the light of the above. And how careful will we be in the summer, when we might go to help the Slovenian tourism, using the vouchers we received? The borders will soon be opened and the passage of tourists and others, from country to country, will be again (almost) as before…

I’m usually optimistic, but if I take into account the human factor – not following the rules of the “new normality”, I’m still worried about whether another wave of new coronavirus infections may be waiting for us in the autumn. Anyway, I won’t be completely calm until vaccines and medications are discovered. There is something else that comforts me: the government I trust, a government that did everything it could, during the epidemic, to protect Slovenia from the Italian scenario and will continue to work for the good of Slovenia and its health and economy. However, all that is done on bicycles, mainly on the streets of Ljubljana, is not worth paying attention to; I can only say that the participants are damn lucky, that they have not worsened the epidemiological picture in the country.


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