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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Democrats of Slovenia, wake up!

By: Dr. Janez Juhant

The Communists took advantage of the nation’s plight 80 years ago and began their violent march to power over the Slovenes. On May 26th, they assassinated theological professor Lambert Ehrlich (and others) because, according to communist and historian Ferd Gestrin, he was the only one capable of organising resistance without the Communist Party.

Murder against opponents – also within OF, e.g., with the publication of Dr Aleš Stanovnik was excused by the Italians, who were shot as a hostage in retaliation for Ehrlich’s murder (the price for everything was always paid by conscientious Slovenes) – with lies: for Ehrlich that he was a “pest of the Slovene nation”, etc. Unfortunately, history repeats itself. At the presentation of the ministers, we would expect an announcement of what they will do for Slovenia, but only confused sentences of criticism of the previous government were heard and even more frightening: violation of the Constitution and Rules of Procedure – court decisions will be “corrected” by new ministers?!

The President of the National Assembly – the representative of all citizens – speaks hostilely, contradictorily, incompetently, and illegally. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote of the Nazis as accumulating nonsense and reflecting their perverted morality. The renewed unsuccessful rulers compensate for the lack of ideas for the development of Slovenia by attacking others, which raises doubts about their ability. It is only a matter of power for the post-communists, which was reasonable even before the elections, when media cunning and lies enthroned power without a programme for the nation and the state. Although experts warn that it would be good for Slovenia to continue the standards of Janša’s government, the new rulers “like the majority” intend to rule in their own way. These absolutists “freely” exploit democracy to enforce absolutist versions. The ministers of the “free” democrats pay homage to the murderers of influential and upright Slovenes. At the house in Janez Pavel II Street a large plaque appeared in memory of the revolutionary Boris Kidrič, a member of the National Assembly is celebrating the bloodthirsty dictator at a time when the bodies of the slain are being discovered at the massacre of home guards in Kočevski Rog, among them over 20 of those who died of hunger and thirst in the caves. Where is the humanity and non-violence here?

The new government scenery has approached the uncles from the background, but as the critic wrote, it is only a matter of power. Since Janez Janša was the only one who could break this rogue financial umbilical cord, they continue to pour hatred on him and his people – instead of doing their job; they harness obedient journalists, judges, and others who have subjugated their moral integrity to servility in the media, judiciary, education, and elsewhere to continue the power revolution! The discovery of slaughterhouses, the research of Rado Pezdir and others on Udba’s mafia deals, and modern drug, tobacco and other connections do not penetrate the public consciousness due to the careful censorship of journalists and their bosses. Janez Janša is almost the only one who has been actively and decisively working against the post-communist capital mafia for thirty years, so he is being tried by the courts, and the tycoons are working on their own.

The backstage mafia is aware that he is the only one capable of interrupting this, so they are orchestrated inhumanely removing him from political decision-making and qualifies him with media and judicial arbitral decisions. And these people do not know mercy: in Slovenia Ivan Kramberger stood in their way, in Serbia Zoran Đinđić rebelled, both were murdered. Capable are removed by discretisation, if necessary, by liquidation. Even the “comfort centre” is included in the propaganda machine, as Ehrlich would say. Ljudmila Novak does not care about STA’s business rules: submitting invoices and objective honesty of journalists on RTV.

She looks at this from a rosy distance in Brussels, as her constituents are aware of how journalists from the National House constantly neglect, insult, and ignore right-wingers. So, it is not about putting pressure on them, but about their unprofessional journalism and intimidation of others. Janez Janša has nothing to do with this, but it is convenient to use this to reduce his influence and reputation in the world and at home, and to prevent democratic processes. If this government does not respect the constitutional rules, it will be necessary, as Ivo Boscarol says, to take to the streets with axes and pitchforks. Even a left-wing professor from the FDV was unequivocal about the media technique of “creating reality” in an interview with RTV SLO.

Fighting for an undistorted reality requires the effort of all and our cooperation, not the separation that “Svoboda” is making. It will make sense if SDS and NSi agree on a joint candidate for the presidency of democratic Slovenia as soon as possible! So, let’s not fall for it and let’s not allow the mafia criteria to continue, because we want Slovenia to survive, so, Democrats of Slovenia, wake up!


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