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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Costliness’ crumbs and the secrets of Tivolska Street

By: Dr Metod Berlec

In this year’s Demokracija magazine, in the lead article “Crumbs from the rich man’s table”, we write that the government of Robert Golob finally responded to the high increase in electricity and natural gas prices at its first meeting after the holidays. To the costliness. But as can be seen from the legislative proposals, only a handful of the population and a small part of the economy will receive the so-called energy supplement, which is in contrast to the measures taken in other Western European countries, where they decided to provide very large-scale assistance that will benefit many residents and companies. As NSi MP Jožef Horvat pointed out, in Austria, which has a population of 8.9 million, they allocate 5,000 million euros in aid to the people and 1,000 million in aid to the economy, while in Slovenia, which has a population of 2.1 million, they allocate 41 million euros in aid to the people and 40 million euros in aid to the economy. In short, crumbs, which the leftist Golob’s government supplements with some other measures, but these are unfortunately not sufficient.

According to journalist Vida Kocjan, the proposal was prepared according to the left-wing activists who enabled the current government to rule. The energy supplement will only be received by recipients of cash social assistance or welfare allowance and disabled persons and beneficiaries of disability allowance compensation. Among the recipients will not be pensioners with low pensions nor large families and many others. Economist Dr Matej Lahovnik responded to the law on temporary measures to eliminate the consequences of the high price for the most vulnerable groups, and wrote on Twitter: “A carrot for those on social welfare and a stick for workers with a reduction in real wages due to the abolition of the adjustment of income tax classes with inflation and a smaller increase in the general relief is a strange message, but the main thing is that the unions are satisfied.”

In the past few days, the public was shaken by the Smodej – Fotopub affair, which is partially reminiscent of the one from February 2010, when bullmastiffs bit their owner, the Ljubljana doctor Saša Baričevič, to death. At that time, objects were found at the scene that indicated the sexual abuse of dogs, and they apparently reacted with bloodlust to this heinous act. The Baričevič affair itself, or the Bullmastiff affair, revealed the controversial and deviant practices of the Ljubljana elite, which was corrupt-politically connected to the left-wing ruling elite. Because of the affair, there was an interpellation of the President of the LDS and the Minister of the Interior, Katarina Kresal, whose partner Miro Senica had previously helped Baričevič with the return of confiscated violent dogs that had severely injured a neighbour in 2006. In it, the opposition parties SDS, SLS and SNS criticised Minister Kresal’s attempt to politically influence the work of the police in the Baričevič’s case. The interpellation was not successful, but it marked the beginning of the end of the political career of the ambitious lawyer, who had previously been praised to the skies by the left-wing media.

This time, the Smodej – Fotopub affair is led by a young “artist” from Novi Sad, Dušan Josip Smodej, director of the Ljubljana Fotopub, who is known among the Ljubljana left-wing quasi-art scene not only for deviant art installations, but also for wild (private) parties at Tivolska Street 44 and 36 in Ljubljana. The affair came to the media after the suicide of the painter Roman Uranjek from the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK), who was allegedly blackmailed by Smodej with recordings of these controversial parties, at which various drugs were allegedly used, including GBH, which is known as a drug for rape. Smodej, who denies all this, is accused of sexually abusing young girls, something that some people who talk about “zero tolerance for sexual violence” also allegedly know. Here, experts point out that these parties were occasionally attended by some representatives of the Levica party, some notorious Friday political bikers, and even “princesses” from the March 8th Institute, whose main purpose is “to question various forms of subordination, especially in the area of ​​gender, and to establish inequality into the wider social framework”.

In short, the members of the aforementioned institute are said to have publicly advocated against sexual violence, and at the same time, as the pictures show, they socialised over champagne with Smodej, who has received many criticisms in recent days. Today, everyone who ever associated with him is publicly disowning him, even the Minister of Culture Asta Vrečko, who on Monday publicly explained that she did not know that Smodej would be present at the interview she gave for the portal on July 21st for Kulturnik.si portal. That is why the legendary journalist Vinko Vasle is probably right, who wrote on Twitter that “the left-wing cultural and political cream moved to the Smodej – Uranjek sex orgy affair after the bullmastiff garage affair”. In doing so, an expert on the dark side of abuse hinted to him that “the publication of the list of those who indulged in these orgies, in which minors were also allegedly abused, would bring down this government!”.


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