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Comrades reject the museum of Slovenian independence because it would embarrass them

By: Davorin Kopše

They opposed independence, hindered the independence process, and embarrassed themselves in front of the vast majority of conscious Slovenians who voted for independence in the referendum. Slovenia became an independent country, which was not their intimate option. For thirty years they lived in shame and in their own despair dreamed of Yugoslavia, which is no more. We made concessions to them because we chose a different path and a different attitude than their opinion.

In the name of democracy, we allowed those who suppressed human rights and freedoms a free way to undermine the young country. After more than thirty years, they again feel strong enough to raise their heads, abolish democracy and want to restore state power with only one allowed thought – theirs.

The government approved the proposal to abolish the Museum of Slovenian Independence at the suggestion of the far-left minister from the Levica party, Asta Vrečko. The left-wing trick after this shameful act is hidden in the explanation that the museum was not abolished but merged with the Museum of Recent History. We had a museum that is no more, but their lie tells us that it still exists. Their museums, which were established after 1945, did not contain any critical artefacts about the revolution. The atrocities were presented as heroic acts that were supposed to liberate the nation. Everything was arranged according to the model of their cradle of the Soviet Union and Russia.

So, what is expected to be witnessed in the Museum of Recent History, a corner that is supposed to be dedicated to the memory of the times of independence processes? They have said it many times. They are telling us new lies about a kind of continuity of Slovenian independence, which is supposed to have started during the national liberation struggle. There is no doubt that under the tutelage of the proud successors of the Union of Communists, the museum will indeed have continuity, but it will be the continuity of the lie of Marxism, remade into cultural Marxism with a strong admixture of woke ideology and denial of the truth.

We are left with reason and the ability to recognise the way they operate in their efforts to disguise the facts and conceal the truth. Any testimony about the facts is persistently called an inadmissible revision of history. Even the President of the Republic, Nataša Pirc Musar, who was elected last year, asserted that they should not allow this revision. This is nothing more than a defence of the lies and falsification of history written by the victors in the revolutionary seizure of power. The ten percent of surviving archives that somehow escaped their barbaric destruction is clearly painful for them. What would we have learned if the evidence of their “humanism” from the time of totalitarianism had not been burned.

Sašo Hribar: There was no war of independence

A few days ago, the host of the Radio GA – GA show on RTV Slovenia abused a few minutes during the broadcast time for his shameful statement. He said that he was extremely disturbed by the opposition to the abolition of the Museum of Slovenian Independence. He justified this by stating that there was no war of independence. In the same breath, he said that there was some kind of military aggression, but it was not a war. He does not deny independence, but attributes it to chance. As was understood from his statement, the YPA attacked Slovenia only in order to justify its departure to the Balkans, where it continued its brutal military campaign. That is why, according to him, the war did not flare up. How could something that, according to him, never existed be ignited? If you can be a veteran of the war for Slovenia, the war for Slovenia supposedly was (or what?).

Information also became public that Sašo Hribar left the Territorial Defence unit during the war, which was defending Slovenia against the YPA attack, which is called desertion. He was found at home and brought back to the unit. It may have come to his ears that this had become known, which could be the reason for his primitive behaviour and denial of the war. If there is no war, you cannot be a deserter either.

According to my knowledge, the war for Slovenia was not officially declared at that time, which is what Hribar is relying on. It was definitely a de facto war, and until now there was no one to deny it. The army attacked Slovenia, which was already independent at the time, but was opposed by the armed formation of the new country and won. It won because of its military tactical superiority and initiative – control of the situation on all battlefields or combat contacts. The Slovenian presidency was responsible for declaring war, and the president of this body was Milan Kučan. Considering Kučan’s statement that an independent Slovenia was never an intimate option for him and considering that he pretended not to react when Slovenia was disarmed, this is also easier to understand.

The aforementioned and some shameful acts of politicians in the international arena, which opposed independence, should of course be properly presented in a museum. This is undoubtedly the biggest pain of red nostalgics for Yugoslavia, because they were evidently on the wrong side of history. As once their predecessors as implementers of the revolution were also on the wrong side of history. Their honour and good name are still defended at all costs by preventing the removal of their idols throughout Slovenia. The most famous is Tito’s monument in Velenje, Kidrič’s in Ljubljana and the shame of all shames, the monument to the revolution on Republic Square in the capital. The initiative to replace the latter with a monument to independence is in place, but it is significantly insufficient. The revolution must completely lose its schizophrenic sheen! Because excuse me, before you put on your perfume, you have to wash yourself.

There was a war, there will be a museum

Considering all the facts about what happened after the YPA attack on Slovenia, it is clear that this was a war between two armies of countries, and it was also marked by many victims and great material damage. Slovenia was attacked even from its neighbourhood, as units of the aggressor army penetrated across the national border into our country. The war is also mentioned in international documents, military analysts, and some military schools of the Western world still mention it with great respect. This is the case in the USA, the UK and Israel, among others, where they have the most elaborate military tactics and strategies.

Slovenia’s independence is based on a plebiscite, where the nation, with a huge majority, at the initiative of a politician, gave the same politician an order to carry it out. And it did. Together with people. Statements that the people, not the independence fighters, are responsible for the independence are therefore an oxymoron since the independence fighters are also people (or what?). Immediately after the aggression, Slovenes volunteered en masse to defend their homeland. Unfortunately, until the warehouse in Borovnica was captured, there were not enough weapons for everyone, but volunteering showed the determination of the people to defend themselves with weapons, that is, in war. Tons of documents and other important exhibits were collected before, during and after independence, which will one day be exhibited in the Museum of Slovenian Independence.

Among the material there is also a lot of incriminating evidence about the actions of some politicians and other die-hard Yugoslavs, which will be available for viewing in one place for many generations to come. Maybe even little Sašo Hribar will find himself there. In any case, there will be exhibits that will present the facts about the events and roles. What we will be able to see there does not depend on Hribar or anyone else, but on the facts and truth from that time. But before that, Slovenes and other well-meaning people living here must once again stand together as in a plebiscite and take the word of ill-intentioned liars. They do not have to fear the museum display of others’ glory, but their own shame.


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