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Cankar would certainly call the audience that applauded Makarović farmhands!

By: Prim. Janez Remškar

Mrs. Makarovič announced, that is how SHE decided, that she would come on stage to receive the Prešeren Award, even if she was uninvited. 20 years ago, when the award was awarded to her, she refused it because she wanted to be conflicted, communicatively effective, but underestimating everyone, not just one, her other co-winners. She was disrespectful, not only to the board of the Prešeren Foundation at the time, but also to all the other co-awardees! Nothing new. She is an artist, self-righteous, full of intolerance towards anyone who thinks differently than her. If anyone knows her story, they know that she moved constantly in her life, not because of the desire to meet new people, new environments, but because of repeated conflicts in the environments where she lived! Now the story has repeated itself!

According to the general opinion, including professionals, she is a great artist! Without a doubt! Her works, both for children and adults, are exceptional! On the other hand, she is completely exclusive in her nature towards those who think differently. In the present time, this comes to the fore with her extremely hateful speech towards famous individuals. It seems that everything is allowed to her. Interestingly, this central, so-called independent media committed to severe condemnations of hate speech when it comes to the so-called conservative side, they do not condemn! Vice versa. Her performances are accompanied by repeated repetitions of her statements, without comment, with obvious approval.

It happened! As she announced, she came on stage, uninvited. Not on all fours, but with the support of two fighters, as we used to hear and still hear now, for our “brighter future”! Their names are not worth mentioning. She took the law into her own hands. She does not care about everything else! She has a RIGHT and is the only SELF-RIGHTEOUS in our Šentflorjan valley! Can we imagine the chaos if many, equally well-established artists, and everyone else, would take the law into their own hands? At the same time, I will allow myself to comment that in her vanity she allowed herself to “rape” all the award winners and probably part of the audience as well. She took away part of the evening intended for them, with the gathered cultural or non-cultural “group” in the hall. Totally unacceptable, but typical of her! She stood on the stage, said some verses, which, according to her, should reflect the current situation in our society. But her “performance” reflects our cultural and political moment. We are unable to prevent, and probably even suit us, the agitprop performance of an artist who was obscene, derogatory towards the new award winners. Judging by the applause she received, I think that a large part of the “cultured” audience even approved of her action. Unfortunately! At the same time, all of them forgot about the new award winners who stood silently during the applause for Makarovič, instead of the fact that the applause in this evening was intended exclusively for them! Cankar would certainly call such an audience farmhands. Farmhands of support for someone who is intolerant, full of hate speech, aggressive, but politically on their, “progressive”, side. This is also a reflection of our society, which with its words and actions is sinking more and more into the acceptance of only one right, everything that is not according to theirs is backward, unacceptable!

Where we are going and how much the current award winners are worth for national television was also shown in the Odmevi show. The first important news that for Mrs. Tanja Starič, the host of the Odmevi show, was that Mrs. Svetlana Makarovič spoke on the stage of Cankar Hall. This is our day of CULTURE!

It all needs serious consideration by all of us!


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