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Bernard Brščič: The Betrayals in Marrakesh

In 2018, Marrakesh is Europe’s most vulnerable city. On 2 May 2018, 31 European and 26 African countries signed the so-called Marrakesh Declaration, which is part of the Rabat process of the Euro-African dialogue on migration and development. Between 10 and 11 December 2018, the signing of a global agreement on migration is envisaged in the same city by the United Nations. For Europe, both events are some of the worst since the signing of the Barcelona Declaration in 1995, marking the start of the organized invasion of illegal migrants from Africa and the Levant to Europe. The signing of the Global Migration Agreement (Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – GCM) means the surrender of Europe to the hordes of illegal migrants and the actual suspension of sovereignty of national states. The sovereignty of the state stands and falls with the ability to control entry into and exit from the country. A country that is incapable of securing its borders is not a sovereign state.

Both the Marrakesh Declaration and the Global Agreement on Migration are part of the multicultural globalists’ plan aimed at destroying national states and the individual’s attachment to gender, family, people, race, culture and civilization. In this wonderful new world, all would like to be cultured individuals, robbed of their identity, just idiotic consumers under the dominance of global multicultural oligarchs. According to their view, races, nations and nation-states are social constructs, an obstacle to the creation of a better future. This vision was formulated by Austrian Jew Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in his masterpiece Praktischer Idealismus in 1925. One of the modern practitioners of Coudenhove-Kalergi’s ‘great substitution’ plan, is the French President Emmanuel Macron who sees the fate of Europe tied to Africa. Europe is supposedly old and needs rejuvenation. Given the great “affection” that this French puer delicatus shows to charcoal youngsters, we can understand his dreams of EUAfrica. However, we are not all catamites and we do not see the potential for the progress of civilization in the Africanization of Europe. In the book The Rush to Europe, Stephen Smith estimates that in the next 30 years in Europe the number of people belonging to the negro race will increase from today’s 9 million to 200 million. He sees the Africans as a catalyst for the establishment of the multicultural United States of Europe with the hybridization or racial mixing as a prescribed policy. The realization of Coudenhove-Kalergi’s prediction of the ‘great substitution’: “The man of the future will be racially mixed. The Eurasian-Negro race of the future, in appearance similar to the ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of nations with the diversity of individuals.” Its model is today’s Sweden, a country with extensive prosperity and open borders. A country that is the first in Europe to commit its demographic and cultural suicide. Emmanuel Macron, Stephen Smith and their like-minded multicultural globalists want to apply it in Europe as a whole. The implementation of the Global Agreement on Migration is an important step on this path.

The agreement stipulates the equalization of legal and illegal migration or, in other words, prevents countries from discriminating migrants according to their status of entry into the country. In fact, it is a decriminalization of illegal entry into the country. Inconceivable. The illegal migrants are, by analogy, burglars. The first contact with our country is a violation of our laws. Burglars do not deserve asylum procedures and a life of “dolce far niente” at the expense of taxpayers. They deserve only one thing – immediate deportation. The agreement makes it extremely difficult and it practically prevents the involuntary repatriation of illegal migrants.

The agreement stems from the view that all migrations, both legal and illegal, are beneficial. The signatory states commit themselves to persuade the domestic population of this and to incriminate all of us who oppose it. The thesis about the universal benefit of migration is one of the biggest scams of both the neoclassical schools and the Frankfurt School based on the multicultural LGBT Marxism. If the migrants were really “programmers, doctors and engineers”, as evidenced by the prevailing multicultural narrative, we could talk about positive effects on the productivity of receiving countries. However, the truth is different, the illegal migrants pride themselves on zero human and negative social capital. They are not coming here to solve the problems of our supplementary pension system, but with social parasitism, the best guarantee for the collapse of the welfare state. Milton Friedman warned long ago that open borders with unlimited migration and the welfare state are incompatible. You have one or the other.

No, migration is not a human right. The illegal entry into the country and the over-indulgence at the expense of Slovenian taxpayers are even less so. It is therefore imperative that the signature of the Global Agreement on Migration be rejected. The US and Russia have already done this. In our neighborhood, Austria and Hungary will do the same. I cannot imagine Croatia or Italy signing it. I wonder only who the hero will be to dare to commit this betrayal in the name of Slovenia.


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