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Beat, lies, truth and attitude

By: Davorin Kopše

Slovenia is a country that elected a communist as its president immediately after the end of communism. This is what actor Gregor Čušin said some time ago. The term communism is no longer big, but it is damn long, and it is clutching its claws at all the goods it does not deserve. They lie, deceive, and falsify in order to preserve their world, where happiness is conditioned by devotion and barking about non-existent fascism. The devil needs to be cut in half. Then cut each half in half again and cut each piece in half. To the prime factors. Communism is evil, so it is reserved for evil.

Everywhere we look, we come across different types of beats. The most important thing is the heartbeat. The heartbeat is balanced and calm if there are no foreign bodies in the form of clots that clog blood vessels and can lead to a heart attack. Only pure blood calms the field and supplies the body with food and oxygen. The parallel with the show Utrip (Beat) on TV Slovenia offers itself. This is a show in which they have been summarising the events of a previous week for years. There were no clots in the latest show, and we got the truth we craved on this medium.

Utrip show, which was on the programme last Saturday, was prepared and led by Jože Možina. Last week’s themes have been resonating for the past week, and the future will no doubt be limitless. This was a show that revealed the misery of events in Slovenia for only one week and for the first time in a long time without mincing matters. Fifteen minutes of the summary of one week blew up all the protagonists of the suffocating one-mindedness that is still roaming our places after thirty years of democratic Slovenia.

In the show, Doctor of History Jože Možina stated only a few historical facts that are deeply ingrained in the lies that have been sold by the successors of totalitarian communism for decades. A string of historical facts backed by testimonies and documentary material cannot be challenged by anyone. Možina encountered unsubstantiated demands for suspension, and SD leader Tanja Fajon wrote that TV Slovenija had been abducted because of the truth.

What did Možina even do?

He exposed the lie about Dražgoše, where there was no partisan victory, but the provocation of the Germans, who then took it out on the locals. After the partisans fled to Jelovica, 41 were shot and the village burned. These 41 victims of the reckless actions of the partisans never experienced a proper pious memory or apology to their relatives. It was also said in Utrip that the revolutionary way in which partisan forces operated during the Second World War caused many unnecessary casualties in Slovenia. It celebrates a defeat that is falsely called a heroic victory. Residents of Dražgoše must watch this circus at the beginning of every January.

Leftists were hurt because the new leftist dark forces joker Robert Golob was exposed. This is supposed to be their new messiah after a series of unsuccessful new faces in recent years. This is a man who pretends to be a successful businessman because he sold state electricity at regulated prices through a state-owned company and paid himself dizzying salaries and millions in performance bonuses. He is reminiscent of Zoran Janković, who also pretends to be a top manager at Mercator and was set up by left-wing politics. The latter decided to liquidate Emona, one of the largest retailers in the country so that another Mercator retailer could become large and successful.

And there you go! In the show again Janković, who was once again made happy by the court with an acquittal for the work of trading in shares. There is no conviction for him because he is against Janša, as he himself pointed out for HRT years ago. His judicial happiness is, of course, hereditary. Both sons, who are involved in the disputed business together with their father, are the same before the law as their famous father – innocent. The Janković family’s happiness also lies in the benevolent write-offs of debts to the state.

The emergence of some exotic institute named after Women’s Day is the subject of endless admiration of left-wing structures. This one, too, was exposed in a fifteen-minute Utrip show. What if it lasted half an hour? The president of this famous institute, Nika Kovač, revealed that they are sending 1,300 activists to the field to persuade people to again vote against Janez Janša in the elections. Against that Janša, who has been leading the Slovenian government for the last two years, and the list of successes of this government is almost opaque. The benefits offered by the Janša government to entrepreneurs and individuals to get out of the crisis due to the epidemic as soon as possible have reached practically every individual. They are now supposed to replace this same Prime Minister? Well, at this institute they are crazy. The people they will address are certainly not.

Doctor of Natural Law Milan Brglez (he earned his title by declaring that during the revolution and consolidation the innocent were killed in accordance with natural law) said in a statement before the National Assembly that the Social Democrats have a candidate for Prime Minister Tanja Fajon. This is the Tanja Fajon who, together with Koprivc and Židan, paid tribute to the criminal Kidrič or his memory. As we know, Kidrič ordered the “punishment” of innocents under Brglez’s natural law. And with her, according to this doctor, Slovenia should become a serious country that will be oriented to the west. Sometimes one no longer knows if these people are still fully conscious.

After the last Utrip show, we can finally praise TV Slovenija for the second time in a short while. On Thursday, instead of the infamous Tarča show, it broadcasted the show Covid 19, where it made people aware of the dangers of this disease. Praise rained down in both cases. This testifies to how hungry we Slovenes are for correct reporting, where we do not want the news of the national media to be left or right. We want to hear the truth. Due to its rarity, this stands out a lot and provokes enthusiasm.

Other beats

One of the fundamental problems in the country remains Chief Justice Branko Masleša. For several weeks now, he has not explained what his education is and whether it is suitable for the position of judge. This case is clearly so profound that neither the leadership of the Supreme Court nor the Judicial Council, which is responsible for judging the ethics and morals of judges and is also a disciplinary body, has voted on it. In this way, Masleša is the basis of all the problems of the Slovenian judiciary.

If the Judicial Council does not do its job, obviously no one can. This is the craziest story of decades in the judiciary. We also have other problems, but this one is blatant and worrying also because of all the verdicts handed down in the trials in which Masleša participated. How is it possible that even because of this fact, the head does not request evidence from Masleša if the institution itself does not have it? If he does not submit the relevant documentation, he should be suspended the same day.

Values land all over the world, but they also have counterbalances. It is unbelievable that anyone supported the actions of tennis ace Novak Đoković, who tried to outwit the authorities there when he arrived in Australia. At the time of the epidemic, you can only enter Australia if you have been vaccinated or if you are an eligible exception. Đoković did not meet these conditions, but he still wanted to become an exception based on lies and even controversial evidence. After a week of checks, he was finally kicked out of the country and proved that Australia is still a state governed by the rule of law, which is a bright light.

The hysteria of those who oppose vaccination is incredible. Vaccination has been shown to prevent many health complications and deaths due to covid 19. But the evidence means nothing to some. While vaccination is not mandatory, they are trying in every way to aggressively prove that it is a conspiracy and are attacking advocates. A virus and a pandemic have split the world. But not in half. It has divided us into those who swear by the truth and a handful of those who direct all their energy into finding the opposite. The last time I noticed a title of a letter to the World Health Organisation (WHO): “WHO second call: Please do not vaccinate against omicron”. A misleading title that can be understood that the WHO is calling against vaccination.

When I read the text below, I found that it was a letter from an exotic urging the WHO to ban vaccination. I commented on Twitter that such headlines should be criminalised. I was immediately attacked by those previously described for being an opponent of freedom of speech. I am certainly a great advocate of freedom of speech, but I am against freedom of lies. These are always equally bad. When historical truth is denied and when the indisputable facts of today in any field are denied. Thank God for every beat that cuts through the lie and replaces it with the truth.

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for MEP and an active citizen.


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